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Dr Rahma Targett

Dr. Rahma Targett

Trust Your Face to Physician Only Injectors

When you consider having anti ageing treatments, it is very important that you consider the person performing the cosmetic injections, so as to optimize results. At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine your cosmetic injections will always be performed by Dr Rahma Targett, a specialist doctor trained in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Targett travels the world to stay up to date with current cosmetic medicine techniques and procedures.


The Skin & Ageing

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Genetics has a large part to play in the ageing process.  This combined with lifestyle and environmental factors results in a gradual decline in the cellar activity of the dermis.  This decline in activity is responsible for the signs of ageing; wrinkles, loss of volume, loss of elasticity, loss of radiance.

It is difficult to describe, but this loss of volume can cause the shape and structure of the face to change.  The skin can appear roughened, loose, with loss of contours.  There is a loss of radiance and it often makes the face look more serious than you actually feel.  This alone often prompts people to take action to restore their skin and appearance.

The Triangle of Beauty

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In a youthful face there is a normal and even distribution of volume giving an attractive appearance.  The “Beauty Triangle” helps to depict the main features of a youthful face. These would include;

  • Smooth skin
  • Full cheeks
  • high cheekbones
  • A well defined jaw line

The above features make a triangular shape that is wider at the top and tapers down to point at the bottom of the chin. The appearance is relax, positive and youthful.

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During the ageing process the triangle becomes inverted.  The following changes are seen to occur;

  • Flatter cheeks
  • Sagging facial shape
  • The corners of the mouth turn down
  • The jawline appears to sag
  • Wrinkles are seen on the forehead and around the eyes.

The triangle is now seen as being inverted, with the face being wider at the bottom and narrowed at the top.  Gravity appear to be dragging the face downward.  Elastin and collagen are diminished, causing the skin to sag.  The face is often perceived as being tired, sad or stressed.

What Can be Done to Turn Back The Clock?


The good news is, there is something that can be done about it.  At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine we have a whole range of anti ageing treatments that can reduce or slow down the signs of ageing. Anti ageing treatments that can;

  • Remove age spots and uneven skin tone
  • Tighten the skin to remove wrinkles and fine lines
  • Replace lost volume.

The Inner Beauty Hiding Within Us

At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, we are most excited about using modern techniques to harness the body’s natural ability to produce collagen(for volume) and elastin (for elasticity).  Volume is what gives the skin it’s fullness and appearance of radiance which we see in children.  These “natural” ant ageing treatments are;

  • Laser Gensis
  • Factor 4
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Skin Needling
  • Microdermabrasion
  • LED Light Therapy

It does seem a bit of a paradox……..but by creating an injury to the skin, the skin uses it’s natural healing mechanisms to repair the skin and infact become more beautiful.  It is this repair process that stimulates neo-genesis of the dermis.  The healing process causes new collagen and elastin to be laid down.  Volume is restored to the skin creating a youthful glow.

These treatments are both more natural and longer lasting than treatments like dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections.  These more “natural” treatment do take longer to see results and often multiple treatments are required for the results to be evident.  For those seeking more instantaneous results, dermal fillers and anti wrinkles injection are an option. Often you will find that a combination of different treatments yields the best results.

With all non surgical cosmetic anti ageing treatments you will be provided with a free consultation with Dr Rahma Targett to help you decide which treatment is best for your individual circumstances.


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