The Excel V Laser Explained

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Excel V Vascular Laser

The Excel V laser is the newest, most advanced laser for treating vascular skin conditions. It combines two different wavelengths to make it the most effective, versatile and powerful vascular laser available. This includes a powerful 532 nm KTP laser wavelength, in addition to two 1064 nm Nd:Yag laser modes.

The Excel V has many benefits over other types of lasers and light treatments such as the pulse dye laser (V-Beam laser) and IPL treatments. Excel V is a versatile and powerful laser that can be more effective in treating vascular conditions and it can achieve this in less time (fewer treatments) than any other laser/light-based treatment.


To treat vascular lesions of the head, neck and body. This includes facial telangiectasia, facial redness, Rosacea, cherry angiomas, venous lakes, bruising, port wain stains, leg veins and scars.

The Procedure

The Excel V laser is used to treat vascular lesions and bruising in the comfort of our office laser treatment rooms. Safety eye shields will be placed to protect your eyes.


No anaesthesia is required for the Excel V laser. The laser has a sapphire crystal that is cooled to about 5 degrees Celsius. This minimizes discomfort. Ultrasound gel may also be applied to your skin to make it more comfortable.

Length Of Time

This will depend on how many areas and lesions are treated. The treatment usually does not take more than 15 minutes to complete.

After Procedure

You will go home right after the procedure and can drive yourself home. There is rarely any significant discomfort afterwards. Depending on what type of lesion is treated, you may see results immediately.


Initially, you can have some increased redness over the treated areas. This generally lasts from one to three days after the procedure. There is no significant pain or discomfort and pain medication is not needed. ]

Vascular conditions treated by the Excel V Laser:

Facial Telangiectasia

These are dilated blood vessels that range between .1 to 1.0 mm in diameter. These are often small capillaries in the skin of the face. They are most commonly seen on the face around the nose, on the cheeks and on the chin. They are a cosmetic concern for many people and easily treated with the Excel V laser.


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that often presents as facial redness. It is characterized by facial redness in the area of the cheeks, nose and forehead. It can also affect other areas of the head, neck and body. The redness is caused by small dilated blood vessels that are difficult to see individually with the human eye. Occasionally, larger dilated blood vessels are noticeable. The Excel V is one of the best laser treatments for Rosacea.

Venous Lake

Venous lakes are large dilated veins that can be up to 1 cm in size. They are commonly seen on the lips but can also be seen on the face and on the ears. Laser treatment with Excel V for venous lakes is highly effective with most people only needing one treatment.


Cherry angiomas are small red papules (raised dots) on the surface of the skin. They are usually 1-3 mm in diameter. They start small and can grow in size with time. Cherry angiomas can be located anywhere on the body and usually form in the middle ages and beyond. They commonly proliferate and are present all over the body. Laser treatment for cherry angiomas is the mainstay of therapy.

Port Wine Stains

Also known as nevus flammeus, port wine stains are birthmarks that are vascular in origin. They range in colour from a light pink to a dark purple. They can occur anywhere on the body but are most common on the face.

Facial Redness

There are many causes of facial redness and this is commonly related to Rosacea. Excel V is an excellent laser treatment for facial redness.

Poikiloderma is characterized by red and brown pigmentation of the neck skin and chest skin. It is often a result of sun exposure and sun damage. Laser treatment for Poikiloderma can take several treatment sessions.

Leg Veins

Leg Veins are a result of dilated blood vessels in the legs and range in size from varicose veins to smaller telangiectasias that are also known as spider veins. These dilated blood vessels are seen in the lower extremities because of dependent flow abnormalities. It is much more commonly seen in woman than in men. Smaller leg veins are treated with the Excel V laser. These generally take several sessions and results in significant improvement in the appearance of the legs.


Scars are generally noticeable when they have a different colouration from the skin of the surrounding areas. Scare are often redder compared to the surrounding skin. The Excel V is specifically helpful for these red scars. The Excel V laser is of the best lasers for red scars and helps diminish the noticeability of them.


One added bonus of the Excel V laser is that it helps reduce the appearance of bruising and helps your body get rid of bruising faster than it normally would. Dr Steiger often uses the Excel V laser after surgical procedures in order to minimize downtime for his patients. Results can be seen immediately and bruises can be gone as soon as the next day after Excel V laser treatment for bruising.

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