Top 5 Reasons Why LED Phototherapy is Everyone’s Favourite!


Phototherapy? Yes, that’s the next best thing!

No, we’re not talking about some common trend that goes in and out after a year or two. We are actually talking about a treatment that would turn out to be your best friend for as long as you want and perhaps become addicted to it!

That thing is called LED Phototherapy Healite II, it is Lutronic’s second-generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) Phototherapy which is the only available and TGA approved in Australia. It was developed by Dr Glen Calderhead renowned as the master of LED technology and the Vice President of Medical and Scientific Affairs Division of Lutronic. According to Dr Calderhead, “LED phototherapy has been known in the market for many decades by virtue of its various therapeutic benefits. He added, “However, we wanted our product to stand out from the low-powered and low-quality LED products prevailing in the current market.”

Here are the Top 5 Reasons:

1. It’s been awarded as Best Plastic Surgery Device or Product at My Face My Body Awards in 2015. Yes, that’s how amazing it is! This “magic light” is known to repair damaged skin cells, stimulates collagen production and makes the existing skin cells work better.

2. Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) with Healite II is a non-ablative skin surface treatment system that uses light delivered through light emitting diodes to deliver pure light in precise wavelengths for the treatment of acne, superficial skin lesions, relieving pain and promoting skin rejuvenation – to name a few.

3. Healite II harnesses the properties of 830/590 light via Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology which means it is properly delivered and concentrated making the treatment very effective without the possibility of physical trauma or thermal damage.

4. The best part is that patients of all ages and skin types can benefit from it and no downtime. Hooray! Ladies, if you are going on a hot date with your man or out with your girlfriends, here comes your magic trick! Glow with Healite! You can book it as a standalone therapy or as a complementary therapy to a wide variety of treatments, including aesthetic laser and IPL treatments, skin needling, deep peels and pre-and-post plastic surgery.

LED Phototherapy Healite II according to appropriate wavelength and applications can also treat:

• Wound Healing and scar reduction

•Pain relief

•Relief of muscle and joint pain


•Muscle spasm

•Active acne

•Skin rejuvenation

•Temporary increase in blood flow to the skin

•Hair regrowth

•Nonmelanoma skin cancer

Here in our clinic, we customized the treatment by combining it with microdermabrasion. Ask us for more info.

5. It doesn’t take that much of your precious time. An approximate of 10 to 20 minutes to finish the treatment and you’re good to go! However, our customized LED Phototherapy Healite II combined with the microdermabrasion treatment, it will take about half an hour or so, but trust us you would simply just wanted… to… lie down… in the comfort of the magical LED Phototherapy Healite II – forever!

Book for your complimentary consultation and we promise the rest of the story will be from the books!