Biostimulation – The 4 answers to naturally rejuvenating your skin at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine.

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Suffering from coup de vieux, or not recognising oneself due to ageing?  Perhaps you have a birthday looming or want a refresh to re-enter the dating game, but are a surgery virgin? The old-fashioned scalpel need not be mentioned.  New technologies of biostimulation allow you to naturally, using your body’s own healing mechanisms, make your façade return to match your age-at-heart.  By employing different non-surgical, minimally invasive aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, Factor 4, laser genesis and skin needling, which require little or zero downtime, a natural looking visage is achievable without looking ‘done.’

Biostimulation can be explained simply as the body’s natural, self-healing, self-regeneration.  When you cut your finger, for example, bleeding will occur as will natural binding of the skin as the cut heals.  This works due to platelets carried in the blood, which firstly release clotting agents to stop bleeding and secondly release their content of growth factors which make the healing occur.  After this process, the fresh, new skin is revealed in place of the old damaged skin.

Dermal Fillers work with biostimulation’s fibroblast cells, everyone’s favourite cells, as they are ones responsible for the production of natural collagen and natural product (term forbidden by TGA).  Immediately the natural product (term forbidden by TGA) has a hydrating effect because it is so good at grabbing water to itself.  ‘Tension receptors’ are stimulated when the fibroblasts are stretched by the lifting effects of the fillers.  Fillers hold the skin in place by making the anchoring ligaments stronger so less sagging can occur in the long term.  For deep lines and a thinning face, the fillers can be used to add volume to cheeks, nose, chin, jowls and marionette lines.  Other uses include turning your lips from mean and thin to lips rivalling Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s.

Factor 4 is a sophisticated method to stimulate collagen production: a blood sample is taken to incubate for six to nine hours with a patented scientific method, then the red blood cells are removed from the plasma.  What is left is your own, highly personalised treatment serum containing your own growth factor and cytokines.  Your body can only react well to the serum as it’s your own creation!  With improved collagen, skin elasticity, signs of fine lines and wrinkles will be significantly reduced.

Genesis Laser gently heats the dermis below the skin’s surface, four millimetres, deeper than the Faxel technique, so as to have the full thickness of the skin rejuvenated.  It bypasses the epidermis to reach the dermis.  Collagen regrowth is accelerated without the use of injectables.  Many report the heat of the laser to be surprisingly relaxing.  The wavelength is longer than other lasers meaning less pain and downtime.  Kendal Jenner has recently credited Genesis Laser for ridding her of debilitating acne scarring.  I mean, if it’s good enough for a Kardashian…

While the next hottest thing is skin care is usually just that – hot – there are other methods of refreshing your image.  If you can’t handle the heat why not sample a revamped old-school technique of skin needling.  If you have worries about rosacea or melasma, laser may not be for you.  Skin needling, using a needle-studded wand to pierce a tiny hole in the skin, possibly reaching the dermis, will give you smooth, radiant results.  Using a sterilized device, the needles deliver a series of controlled ‘wounds,’ beneath the skin’s surface.  This triggers the skin’s collagen production.

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