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If you’ve been seeing us at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine to treat your acne or you follow our blog, you might have heard us mention Kleresca. This revolutionary treatment was recently given the TGA tick of approval in Australia, and to say it has hit the ground running is an understatement!  Kleresca skin rejuvenation is a great way to restore your skin volume.

Attracting international attention from beauty editors at Vogue, Allure and Vanity Fair, this non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment has been scientifically proven to increase the body’s natural collagen production by 400%*.



The Klereseca Skin Rejuvenation treatment is performed once a week for four weeks. You should see noticeable improvements to your skin during the course of treatments — as well as long-lasting improvements after it has ended.

From then on, it’s recommended having one treatment per month for maintaining regular skin rejuvenation.

The Kleresca Acne Treatment is also gaining popularity worldwide.



The Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation treatment is used to reduce inflammation, increase the build-up of collagen and normalise cellular activity with high safety and efficacy.

When you arrive for the treatment at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, your skin is first cleaned before the Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation gel is applied.


kleresca skin rejuvenation


This specially formulated golden gel is illuminated for nine minutes using the multi-LED Kleresca lamp; together creating fluorescent light energy that stimulates the skin (and collagen production).

The gel is then removed and the skin is cleaned again before finally being moisturized. It’s as simple as that!

The Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation treatment has been inspired by photosynthesis. It’s designed to cleverly work with the natural biological processes in the skin, providing numerous benefits. The combination of their unique gel and LED light produces fluorescent light energy that stimulates your body’s collagen-producing cells.

It’s a quick, pain-free treatment that has been described by some patients as having a warm and slight tingling sensation.



No. The gel stays on the surface of the skin where its purpose is to convert the light from the lamp into the unique fluorescent energy required for optimal stimulation of multiple layers of the skin



This process has been scientifically proven to stimulate your own skin cells to produce up to a whopping 400% increase in collagen production.

The treatment has been shown to improve the complexion by:

·       Inducing collagen production

·       Reducing pore size

·       Eliminating fine lines

·       Reducing signs of scarring



Due to the high safety profile of the treatment, many candidates may benefit from the treatment. Besides the face, the treatment can also be used on the neck, décolletage and hands.

Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation may also be combined with other techniques where the goal is to improve the overall quality of the skin and skin complexity.

To book in for a consult or treatment at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, please call 0403 690 031 or BOOK ONLINE HERE.


*With LED light as a control, the treatment delivers approximately a 400% increase in collagen production. These results were documented in-vitro and support findings from in vivo studies based on biopsies. Source: http://www.kleresca.com.au/en-au/skr


**Please consult your healthcare professional to determine if the Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation treatment is right for you.

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