The benefits of Laser Genesis

Looking to restore your skin’s youthful glow and appearance without resorting to needles? If your skin looks dull, feels lifeless or is damaged and shows wrinkles, fine lines and marks from past breakouts, you need to take professional help.

When it comes to evening out your skin tone, smoothening wrinkles and fine lines, reducing pore size, and rebuilding collagen, Laser Genesis treatment from Advanced Cosmetic Medicine is probably the best treatment your skin could ask for.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive technologically advanced cosmetic treatment performed to tackle fine lines, acne scars, wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin tone.  By penetrating deep into the skin’s cellular layer, Laser Genesis accelerates collagen regrowth, rejuvenates the skin and restores its natural beauty.

How is Laser Genesis performed at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine?

Laser Genesis is performed through the use of a handheld device – Excel V system by Cutera – that is placed over the affected areas.  The Excel V system generates heat onto the inner skin layers which in turn shrinks the abnormal vessels and stimulates the production of new collagen tissues.  Laser Genesis uses a near-infrared Nd: YAG laser pulse with a wavelength of 1064 nm. The Excel V System comes with a cooling technology that lessens the heat and ensures patient comfort.

No anaesthesia is required during the procedure. Your skin will be cleansed first and you will be provided with protective eyewear and teeth guards to be worn during the Laser Genesis treatment.

The number of laser sessions required may vary from patient to patient and depends on the skin condition.

What are the benefits of Laser Genesis?

Skin deep treatment: Laser Genesis treatment goes skin deep. Since most skin problems arise from the inner cellular layer, Laser Genesis is able to target the skin problems effectively.

Long-term effects: Laser Genesis helps in stimulating the production of collagen which has a long-term effect on the skin tone and texture.

Convenient: Laser Genesis takes only about 20 to 30 minutes to perform.

No downtime: Being a non-invasive treatment, the downtime is minimal. After treatment, you can immediately return to work and your daily routine.

No side effects: There are no side effects. Mild redness may be experienced immediately after a procedure, but this will diminish in an hour.

No pain or discomfort: The Laser Genesis treatment is a painless procedure that causes no discomfort and only a gentle warming sensation.

Non-invasive: Who wouldn’t love the idea of having fewer wrinkles and smaller pores without using injections? Unlike other cosmetic procedures, injections or anaesthesia are not required.

Treatment targets: The laser can be used on all skin types and ethnicities. It can also be safely used on all parts of the body except the eyes and surrounding areas.

Any skin condition: The laser system can be used on any skin condition – short pulses are used for superficial blemishes and longer pulses for deeper skin conditions.

For a more youthful, smoother, and rejuvenated skin, make Laser Genesis your next cosmetic treatment. To schedule an appointment with Dr Targett, call on 0403 690 031. Dr Targett is always ready to answer your queries and clear your doubts on Laser Genesis. Click here to know more.

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