Lip Flip – The New Trend in Anti Wrinkle Injections


Lip Flip – The New Trend

Kylie Jenner at just 21 years of age has made a huge impact on the cosmetic injectables industry and has helped make the lip flip ever popular. The way her image has dramatically changed her look, her life and her popularity sends out a huge message to the masses and millions have followed her.

With so many different lip treatments on the market, cosmetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons are having to craft unique lip treatments to meet their patients big lip desires and needs. A few units of anti wrinkle injection are placed strategically around the lips which adjusts the way that the muscles relax. This means that your lips curl out a little to enhance the cupids bow – and give your lips a great sexy look.

Anti Wrinkle Injections  or Fillers?

The look can be done with anti wrinkle injections or can be combined with fillers. It gives lips an understated pout by flipping the line of the lip, and gently rolling the lip outward. It gives you a sexier, fuller pout. Anti wrinkle injections and filler are different products and so will bring you different results. Using anti wrinkle injections relaxes the muscles around the mouth and rolls the lip outwards which creates the impression of a bigger lip without the extra volume.

Using anti wrinkle injections is less invasive than dermal filler and cheaper for each treatment. Immediately following treatment, the result is much more subtle. Lip flips last for around 4 weeks, or 6-9 months for dermal fillers. We move our lips a lot, so the effects wear off sooner than on other parts of your body. Also only a tiny amount of anti wrinkle product is used.

What’s the Downside?

There is, pardon the pun, a flip side of using anti wrinkle injections rather than fillers for lip work. If you use too much anti wrinkle injections, the problem is that your mouth simply will not move. It is hard to eat and drink. And the longer you want the treatment to work the more anti wrinkle injections you need to use. So, it will look great – but forget about eating or drinking.

To maintain the look of a lip flip, you need to have regular treatments. The lip flip is a great way to see if you like the way your lips look before you commit to using filler. If you would like a more subtle look you can start with a lip flip and then add some filler when anti- wrinkle products begin to wear off. The look you go for is entirely up to you – you can choose full volume or something much more subtle.

Why Choose “LIP FLIP” Over a Lip Filler?

A lip flip is different from a lip filler. Different procedure. Different results. A filler will last you longer for a start.

There is little recovery time – you may just have a few blood spots that you can easily dab away. Most patients are able to resume their regular daily activities immediately after receiving treatment.

A  lip flip is significantly cheaper than lip fillers.

It’s important to note that while anti wrinkle injections –  “lip flip” can enhance the appearance of your lips, it does not actually add any volume to your lips.

Once you have the lip flip treatment done you are sure to keep going back. It is a look that is sure to turn heads and makes you feel great. The lip flip is in vogue and is here to stay for a while.

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