We’ve Found An Anti-Aging Treatment That Actually Works


There’s a whole raft of people out there who are looking to look younger, without having to resort to plastic surgery. So when the “vampire facial” hit people were lining up around blocks to inject Plasma-Rich Platelets from their own blood into their faces. So when the latest version of the treatment hit Adelaide, I decided to give it a shot over 4 treatments to see how and indeed if this advanced targeted anti-aging treatment would work.

After my first treatment, I wrote about the technical details of the treatment, and how after an evening of centrifuging at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in North Adelaide my plasma platelets were reintroduced to my body through my face. You can check out those details here.

But now the treatment cycle is over, and the marked difference it’s made means I’m here to tell you that this actually helps, tightening, lightening and brightening my face. I’ve heard stories of people using the Factor 4 treatment on saggy knees, to help rid them of baldness, and more. From my experience, it definitely helps to bring some youthfulness and tightness back.