Discover The Wonders of Modern Chemical Peels

Discover The Wonders Of Modern Chemical Peels

A clear, glowing, even complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin—and a chemical peel is the treatment that will get you there quickly! The thought of a Chemical Peel made me feel both nervous and curious. Like many people, hearing the words made me think of Samantha from Sex and The City, and her unfortunate experience. The great news is chemical peels have come a long way and are now so effective and with such little downtime, that you will be wishing you had discovered them sooner.  I had been struggling with a dull and uneven complexion and no matter how rigorous I was with my skin care; I just couldn’t seem to make a visible difference. So, when I was given the opportunity to try the treatment I jumped at the chance.

The results were incredible.

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine specialises in effective skincare treatments and with Dr Targett being qualified in Primary Care Dermatology with a special interest in Cosmetic Medicine – I knew I was in the best hands! Dr Targett recommended the Dermaceutic Laboratories Cosmo Peel Forte – which is a medium – deep peel. This peel works to treat: the appearance of wrinkles, texture irregularities, smoker’s complexion, and pigment disorders.

The chemical peel process

The treatment began by having my makeup removed and my face cleansed. Once this was done, Dr Targett began to apply the chemical peel to my face. While I laid there, Jayne the wonderful clinic nurse fanned my face to help relieve the effects of the peel. I would say the peel feels like pins and needles, coupled with a sunburn. It’s mildly uncomfortable but very tolerable and the application is over quickly. Dr Targett checked that my face frosted up, ( which shows that the process works ) frosting is exactly as it sounds- your skin takes on a frosted effect and she explained that the peel works by providing epidermal stimulation, and encourages collagen and elastin production to reveal visibly younger-looking skin. In a nutshell, the top layer comes off to reveal beautiful baby fresh skin below. Once the treatment was finished Dr Targett applied the restoring ointment to my face as well as some sunscreen – and I was ready to go.

Post Treatment

The peel stays on for 24 hours post-treatment and then you can wash it off with warm water. It’s super important to wear sunscreen daily and to reapply during the day as the skin is more sensitive to the sun. Additionally, you don’t resume your normal skincare routine until all your skin has peeled completely and instead apply the restoring ointment throughout the day – especially when the skin feels tight – which it does by day two. My skin started to peel on day two and by day three it really kicked off – with baby fresh skin revealed below. My skin then kept peeling solidly for five days and stayed a pinkish colour for about 7 days post-treatment. During this time, I continued to apply the restoring balm and sunscreen religiously.

My top four reasons to have a chemical peel

  • Reduction in fine lines – those pesky lines that my makeup would creep into lessened significantly
  • Immediate improvement in skin texture– my pores visibly shrank, and the peel seemed to dive right into my pores to unclog them
  • More even skin tone – The majority of my sun damage and dark spots peeled off in the dead layer of skin and revealed a more even tone below
  • Your skincare works better – nothing like taking off the top layer of built-up dead skin to allow creams and serums to really penetrate and do their job

The verdict

After my skin had finished peeling it was absolutely GLOWING. My pigmentation and freckles also seemed to have diminished significantly and the overall colouring was much more even across my face. My pores seemed less noticeable and my creams and serums seemed to absorb more quickly.  I can see a huge benefit in getting this treatment done a couple of times a year.

I can now confidently say I am a chemical peel convert – my skin has never been better and the change in tone and texture was immediate and obvious.

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