The Treatment For Sunken Scars That You Have Been Looking For


Many of us have had at least a dalliance with acne. We are told that getting acne is a rite of passage, part and parcel of puberty, at the end of which is adulthood. But the problem of acne is twofold – skin blemishes that fade eventually and permanent scarring / sunken scars.

Severe acne can sometimes create deeper-than-normal scarring, resulting in visible depressions in the skin surface that cannot be removed by creams, lotions or scrubs. This is because of abnormal healing of the skin after acne, the haphazard arrangement of scar tissue bands underneath tethering the skin to the underlying tissue to form sunken scars. This type of scarring can only be treated with subcision, which is one of the best procedures for scar correction. The best thing about using subcision to address acne scar tissue is that its effects are permanent. By combining subcision with Laser Genesis, Factor 4, dermal fillers or other treatments, you can optimise the results of your scar removal.

Subcision entails placing a special needle underneath the scar and breaking down the tethered tissue horizontally. This breaks the scar tissue bands beneath the skin. To make the scar flush with the surrounding skin, the skin level of that scar will have to be raised by replacing the lost volume, which can be achieved in several ways. First, collagen production can be stimulated with Laser Genesis or Factor 4 treatments. If you want an instant improvement in the appearance of your scar, minute amounts of dermal fillers can be placed under each scar after subcision to create a smooth skin surface. Another option is biostimulation fillers; unlike traditional fillers, biostimulation dermal fillers not only deliver the desired immediate results but also induce the body to produce its own collagen, so even after the dermal filler substance has been absorbed by the body, the space under the scar will be filled with natural collagen.

Subcision has a demonstrable effect on rolling scars and boxcar scars, but not ice pick scars because of the structure of the scar tissue. Furthermore, depending on the severity of the scarring and the amount of collagen production by the body, it may take multiple treatment sessions to address all the scarring sites and revisit partially elevated scars. This treatment is conducted with a sharp needle and numbing lotion or local anaesthetic may be required to minimise discomfort. Due to the nature of the procedure, there may be some swelling and bruising post-procedure, and two to three days of downtime should be allowed. You should also avoid sun exposure for seven days after the treatment to reduce sun damage while your skin is healing.

If your acne scarring has always been a source of discontent, subcision could be just the treatment to restore your self-esteem. Find out the best treatment for your skin needs by giving us a call at 0403 690 031 and booking a consultation with Dr. Rahma Targett.

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