Can Laser Genesis Treat Acne?

Can laser genesis treat acne

Everyone who has experienced acne knows what a struggle it is to deal with. From trying different skin care products to the insecurity it brings to your self-esteem, there is no doubt that coping with acne is easier said than done. Laser genesis is a non-invasive treatment that kills pimples, prevents it from reappearing and lightens the scars it has left behind. With proven results, this laser treatment is definitely something to try especially for those who are acne-prone.

Can laser genesis treat acne? Let’s find out.

The Process

On the day of the procedure, aestheticians prep the skin by making sure the face is cleansed before the treatment itself. Protective goggles are then given for the patient to wear after the preparation. Like other laser treatments, a handheld device is carefully moved around your face for 30 minutes. Wondering about pain? There’s no need to worry about that. Although the feeling of the treatment varies per person, most patients compare the procedure to the warm sun hitting your face when you leave your house.

How laser genesis works

The heat coming from the laser genesis penetrates through the skin and directly addresses the build-up of bacteria, oil or dead skin cells that causes acne. It also stimulates the skin’s collagen which aids in the formation of new, firm and smooth skin. On average, each treatment takes 30 minutes and depending on the severeness of your acne, results should be noticeable around your third treatment.

Its Benefits

Aside from treating acne and preventing it from coming back, the laser genesis treatment also helps minimize your pores, smoothes out your skin together with your skin tone, and fine lines. According to Dr. Joyce Teng, an assistant professor of dermatology in the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin, large pores are an indication of excessive oil production. This is why most people with oily skin experience pimples. In a nutshell, can laser genesis treat acne? Together with having a good skincare regimen, laser genesis can surely address your skin’s problem areas. With that being said, you can definitely expect a more youthful and glowing look after a few treatments!

What to expect

During your treatment, aestheticians may constantly ask you how you feel in order to make sure the heat coming from the laser genesis isn’t too hot. Honesty is very important during the procedure as this treatment involves a powerful laser that, if not handled with care, may cause skin discolouration or scarring. Improvements on your acne breakouts after the treatment is definitely something to look forward to along with the reduction of hyperpigmentation and scarring due to pimples. You can also expect tighter, firm skin with smaller pores as this goes along with the procedure.

In summary, can laser genesis treat acne? Yes! This treatment is scientifically proven to address acne, acne scars or large pores. With the consistent use of laser genesis, you will never have to worry about acne breakouts again! Interested in this procedure? You may set up a consultation by calling our number (040-369-0031) or contact us by sending us a message. You may also visit our website and browse the other skin care treatments we offer. Here at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, we put your interest and wellbeing first.


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