Things to Know Before Getting V Line Jaw Slimming


Have you ever wished for a slimmer and a more defined face? If you have, V Line Jaw Slimming might be just for you! This aesthetic procedure lifts the face by providing you with a well-defined, slimmed jawline. Thinking about the pros and cons? Read more below as we discuss what you should know before getting V Line Jaw Slimming.

  1. What happens during the procedure?

After a consultation with your doctor and the day of your procedure comes, it only takes around 5 to 10 minutes for your doctor to inject a muscle relaxant around the area of your jaw on both sides. Though the procedure takes a short while, the results are life-changing!

  1. The use of a muscle relaxant

A muscle relaxing injection will be used on both sides of the face in order to relax the masseter. According to Oxford Languages, the masseter is the muscle located on both sides of the face starting from the rear part of the cheek to the lower jaw on each side. This muscle causes the dimensions of the jaw to appear fuller. By injecting a muscle relaxant, the masseter will be unable to work out which will cause the muscle’s volume to decrease. When talking about the result of this procedure, it takes around 4 to 6 six weeks before you notice a significant change. Although it takes a while, the natural-looking effect will truly surprise you!

  1. The importance of consultations and physical examination

The size, proportion and muscle strength of a jaw varies per patient. This is why consultations, especially physical examinations, are important when getting V Line Jaw Slimming. The doctor needs to examine your jaw in order for him to note the right amount of dosage you will need. This procedure is specifically customized per patient in order to give them the best result possible.

  1. Let’s talk about the pain level

When getting this procedure, the amount of pain you will feel is very tolerable. With the help of anaesthesia and a few of your doctor’s techniques like skin tapping, there will surely be reduced discomfort.

  1. It’s not just another aesthetic procedure

Did you know that V Line Jaw Slimming is actually used by others for treatment? This procedure is widely utilized by those experiencing bruxism and teeth grinding in order to lessen the pain and teeth clenching they encounter. So whether you are looking for pain relief to address teeth grinding or you simply want a slimmer face, V Line Jaw Slimming is made for you!

  1. Is it permanent?

This treatment is not permanent as the results only last for around 4 to 6 months. If the procedure is not repeated after the given months, your jaw will return to its original state. Although, according to London Migraine Clinic’s website, researchers have observed that if the treatment is repeated a number of times, the reduced power of the muscle can change the shape of the bone thus, remodelling your jaw to actually look slimmer. Sounds pretty cool, right?

In conclusion, true beauty doesn’t have one description. For some, it may be accepting their flaws and insecurities for what they are, for others it may be addressing and enhancing them. Either way, feeling like your best self is what matters. Here at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, we put your interest and wellbeing first. If you have more questions about V Line Jaw Slimming, you may set up a consultation by calling our number (040-369-0031) or by booking an appointment online. You may also visit our website for other skincare treatments.


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