Old Entally Farm

73 Entally Rd, Hadspen, Tas 7290

Guest Instructions Upon Arrival

Please Text/Call Host

When you arrive please text all call the host (Chris) on 0447 383839 to let us know that you have arrived and also if you have any concerns during your stay.  We will then turn on the refrigerator for you.

House Entrance Code

There is a safe box located to the right side of the house near the fuse box.  The house keys are inside.  The code to open the safe box is 8111#

Hot Water and Refrigerator

The hot water and refrigerator are operated by a remote WiFi Switch.  This means the owner is able to turn the hot water and fridge off when we have no guests and turn it on remotely when we do have guests. This saves energy use and is good for the environment.

When you arrive you will see a switch on the wall above the printer in the sunroom. This controls the hot water. The LED light should be lit up to show it is connected to the Wi-Fi.  Do not touch this switch as it will turn off the hot water.  If the LED light is not lit up then the switch has been disconnected from the wifi. This may occur if there is a power failure. If the LED is not lit up please turn the switch on and off until the LED lights up again.


When you arrive the refrigerator will be left open to dry out. Please Text Chris on 0447 383839 and we will turn on the refrigerator. Please close the refrigerator door after calling.

Important Things You Should be Aware Of

  1. Do not allow your kids to touch the top wire of the surrounding fences. It is an electric cattle fence.
  2. Please turn electric blankets and all electrical appliances off when leaving the house
  3. Do not activate privacy locks in the bedroom. If it is activated and you walk out of the bedroom and the door closes you will not be able to get back in. You will then be required to call a locksmith at your own cost to get back in.
  4. To open the side door onto the veranda (near the kitchen) you need to pull the handle towards you and then twist the lock. It is a little stiff.

Instructions Upon Departure

  1. Please tidy the kitchen, wash dishes and place them back in the cupboards.
  2. Please turn off all electric blankets, electrical kitchen appliances. and lights.
  3. Please pick up all rubbish and place it in the bin under the kitchen sink.
  4. Please check bedrooms and lounge suites for any personal items.
  5. Please ensure that all doors are locked upon departure. Place door keys back in the safe box and ensure the safe door locks securely.
  6. Return AC remotes and TV remotes to TV stand in sunroom and loungeroom.  Leave bedroom remotes on tallboy.
  7. Please report any damage to Chris on 0447  383839

House Rules

  1. Check-in: After 3:00 pm
  2. Checkout: 10:00 am
  3. Self-check-in with the key from safe
  4. No smoking
  5. No pets
  6. No parties or events

Additional rules

  • No house parties, functions or loud music allowed
  • No extra guests allowed to stay overnight
  • All guest must SMS an image of their driver’s licence to the host before the house code will be issued.
  • No shoes to be worn in the house
  • Fire Place in the living room Is Not to be used. – Strictly no smoking in the house, garage or garden.
  • Electric blankets must be turned off after use. Turn off the oven, cooktop and air conditioning when leaving the house.
  • Bedroom door locks must not be engaged when doors are open.(see below)
  • Lock all doors when leaving the property and return the key to the safe box.
  • Strip beds of sheets when leaving and pile wet towels in the bathroom.
  • The house is to left in the same condition as you found it.
  • The kitchen is to be left tidy with plates and cutlery washed and returned to cupboards.
  • All rubbish should be placed in the rubbish bin under the kitchen sink before you leave.
  • Please remove all your belongings from the fridge before you leave.
  • Do not use knives to clean pots. This destroys the non-stick surface.
  • In the summertime, please keep the doors closed as the flies come in.
  • You will accept liability for any damage that occurs to the property during your stay as a result of your actions or fellow guests actions.

House Guide

Second King Bedroom AC Instructions

Living Room AC Instructions

Sun Room AC Instructions

Washing Machine Instructions

Drying Machine Instructions

Spa bath Instructions

Microwave Instructions

Oven Instructions

Fire Blanket