About Advanced Cosmetic Medicine

Dr Rahma Targett is the Face, Personality and Driving Force behind Advanced Cosmetic Medicine.  Her face is seen on all our website pages because she depicts the style, grace and personable image which represents Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. Advanced Cosmetic Medicine and Laser Clinic (ACM) is a private aesthetic medicine practice on Melbourne Street in the heritage-rich suburb of North Adelaide. Originally started as Dr Rahma Targett’s passion project in late 2016, ACM soon flourished into a successful business with numerous satisfied return clients thanks to her professionalism and integrity.

Here At ACM, We Value You

We emphasise natural results and effective skincare treatments. Your needs are unique, and we are ready to listen and provide guidance on the best treatment for you. The quality of your experience during your visit is important to us.

Our Core Values

Honesty and integrity – We put your interest and wellbeing first. You tell us what you want to achieve, and Dr Rahma will advise you on your treatment options. Dr Targett will explain the common complications and side effects of the treatment so that you are fully informed before you make any decisions. You are involved in the decision-making process when choosing a treatment that meets your needs.

Professionalism – We take pride in our work. When you come to ACM, you will be met with the best in the industry. Dr Rahma and our team will be with you every step of the way, from your initial assessment, treatment, and aftercare; ensuring you get the best results from your visit.

Meet Dr Rahma Targett

Our cosmetic physician, Dr Rahma Targett, has an impressive array of accomplishments and experience. Among her qualifications are; 20 years of experience as a Medical Practitioner (including some years as Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the United Nations), a Diploma in Dermatoscopy, a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and more.

Dr Rahma is not just a doctor with a formidable list of qualifications; she is also compassionate, personable and friendly. She forms a unique rapport with every client who walks through our door and builds their trust.

Dr Targett’s Qualifications

  • Fellowship of the Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Cosmetic Physician College of Australasia ( CPCA)
  • Certificate in Advanced Dermatoscopy and Histopathology
  • Certificate in Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery
  • Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology
  • Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Designated Aviation Medical Examiner
  • Certified in Laser Therapy


Registered Specialist: General Practice with AHPRA (Australian Health Regulation Authority)

Associations & Membership

  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Cosmetic Physician College of Australasia ( CPCA)
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Continued Professional Development