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Acne Scar Treatment Adelaide

We have an acne scar treatment to help you.  We all want to look and feel our best, both inside and out, each and every day. But for those who have suffered acne throughout their life and still show the physical scars, that can be easier said than done. While it’s most prominent in adolescence, acne scarring can actually affect skin at any age and can affect not just a person’s physical appearance but also their self-confidence.

However, it is possible to reduce and even eliminate the appearance of scarring from your face. We offer a number of acne scar treatments to patients in Adelaide. Our range of procedures is proven to effectively treat and reduce all grades of scarring and provide long-lasting and targeted results, helping you to restore your appearance and improve your confidence. All of our acne scar removal procedures are performed by Dr Rahma Targett.

We look forward to your visit.

Dr R.Targett

"Trust Your Face to a Doctor Trained in Dermatology and Cosmetic Medicine"

Dr. Rahma Targett

Dr Targett is qualified in Primary Care Dermatology with a special interest in Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Medicine.

She is a natural results advocate, facial shaping artist, ambassador of elegance, leader in her field, and the mother of two children.

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What Are Acne Scars And How Do They Form?

Acne scarring typically occurs when a person who suffers from severe symptoms leaves them untreated for a prolonged period of time. Scars can also form if the person constantly picks at or squeezes their acne.

Scarring results from the depth of injury. When inflammation, infection or trauma affects the deeper layers of the skin, scar tissue formation occurs and a procedure such as laser scar removal treatment becomes the best option moving forward.

Scarring comes in many different shapes, sizes and even colours. There are five different types of acne scars:

  • Rolling: Indented, superficial, wave-like scars
  • Keloid: Raised scars that extend beyond the original wound
  • Boxcar: Deeply indented, round pitted scars
  • Ice-pick: Deeply indented, narrow pitted scars
  • Pigmentation: Discoloration of a scar is referred to as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation but is not a true scar

It should be noted that not all scarring is the same and are awarded different levels of severity. Scarring may be graded as:

  • Grade 1: Slightly visible inconsistencies in the complexion.
  • Grade 2: Visible mild rolling scars.
  • Grade 3: Visible moderate rolling, boxcar and hypertrophic scars.
  • Grade 4: Visible severe icepick or keloid scarring.

A qualified medical professional at our clinics will be able to diagnose the type and grade of your scarring before prescribing the best treatment option.

Acne Scar Treatment Options

f you’re seeking the best treatment for acne scars there are numerous options available, but the level of success can vary from person to person. It is important to remember that receiving poor treatment can lead to further complications, so always consult with experienced, reliable professionals like the Advanced Cosmetic Medicine team Adelaide. In addition to laser scar treatment, options for reducing the effects include:

Chemical Peels – Acne Scar Treatment

We offer varying degrees of Chemical Peels, from superficial to medium depth. Chemical Peels can assist in managing mild to medium scarring, with a series of sessions required to achieve optimum results. The appropriate chemical peel can soften and smooth scarring whilst stimulating cellular renewal for a refreshed and re-texturised complexion.

Side effects will generally include some soreness and redness, the severity of which will depend on the degree of chemical peel you opt for.

Skin Needling – Acne Scar Treatment

Skin Needling is a highly recommended as the best acne scar treatment. Australian Laser & Skin Clinics in Melbourne offers a variety of options that are specifically designed to target particular subgroups and depths of scarring. It produces micro channels that rejuvenate the skin and can break up existing scar tissue of any grade. These channels encourage the generation and distribution of new collagen that will progressively build healthy, thicker and firmer skin around the affected areas. This significantly reduces the depth and appearance of scarring and provides a far smoother and even skin surface.

Side effects of the needling process are typically minimal and can include swelling, peeling and mild bruising. The risk of post-procedure infection is highly unlikely as the micro channels will typically close within minutes.

Microdermabrasion – Acne Scar Treatment

This scar removal treatment is perfect for mild scarring, but is also suitable for all grades. Microdermabrasion is an effective method for helping reduce the appearance of dark brown and red marks left by acne, and can also be used to enhance the effectiveness of Skin Needling. Microdermabrasion also assists in the removal of dirt and debris that causes congestion, which can lead to scarring.

The non-invasive procedure is highly popular. When you weigh up the quality of the results against the severity of the side effects, which are generally inconsequential, the quality of the results far outweighs them. Said side effects of microdermabrasion can include minor skin flaking and mild to moderate redness. Some people might experience breakouts but that’s not typical.

Laser Genesis – Acne Scar Treatment

Laser Genesis delivers micro-pulses of laser energy to your skin, sparking a cascade of changes.  Laser Genesis is the acne scar treatment you have been looking for.

The main mechanism involves “bulk heating,” which warms the dermis (deeper layer of the skin) without damaging the epidermis (the superficial layer of the skin that protects you from all the harmful pollutants in the environment). Because the epidermis is spared, the patient doesn’t suffer from the extended downtime many more aggressive lasers cause.

The procedure helps activate collagen remodeling, and it even improves the appearance of facial redness and brown spots. Anecdotally, we’ve seen patients note improvement in acne due to a decrease in oil production and pore size, and a significant improvement in acne scarring (via the collagen stimulation).

Dermal Fillers – Acne Scar Treatment

Dermal Fillers show great results and improves the appearance of acne scars by lifting the depressed scars. Their effect is temporary. The results can last from between a few months to a year

Subcision – Acne Scar Treatment

Subcision involves using a needle to penetrate the skin and break the scar bands which anchor the scar down.  It is a useful technique for sunken acne scars (boxcar acne scars and rolling acne scars).

Price of Acne Scar Tretament

Medical Consultation$100
Factor 4 Skin Needling (per 15 min treatment)$550
Excel V Laser Scar Treatment (per 15 minutes)$350
Subcision Acne Scars (per 15 mins)$350

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Please make phone bookings during opening hours.

Online bookings available 24/7

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