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Droopy Jowls - Nefertiti Lift

Are you suffering from droopy jowls and platysmal neck bands which make you look older than you feel? Droopy Jowls - Nefertiti lift in Adelaide can help you.

Droopy jowls patient 03, ACM Clinic
Droopy jowls Nefertiti lift consult with Dr Targett


Droopy Jowls - Nefertiti Lift - Adelaide

A Nefertiti Lift is one of the most popular treatments offered at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. It is a simple and effective way to lift droopy jowls to create a more youthful refreshed appearance. The image above can speak a thousand words for those that are not yet convinced.

The jowls refer to the lower part of a person’s cheek and as we get older they become fleshier and more droopy. This is one of the most common facial features that people associate with getting older and it tends to affect women more than men. As the jowls start to droop it results in the loss of the defined jawline, which is associated with youth and beauty. The face then becomes wider and more square shaped and this continues to get worse as we age.

The neck area can be one of the first to show visible signs of ageing. Vertical neck bands can form a platysma muscle and run from the chin down to the décolletage. The skin often thins out around the neck as we age, and this, combined with excessive downward pulling by the neck muscle, causes platysma neckbands and wrinkles to become more prominent.

Our platysmal neck bands treatment involves using muscle relaxing injections to relax the platysma muscles. This smoothes out the neck, improving the jawline, and lessening the prominence of these necklines that often make us look older in age than we are. We can also combine this treatment with dermal fillers or beauty boosters, depending on an individual’s concerns.



The Benefits

The diminished appearance of protruding platysma neckbands.

An improved jawline that is visibly tightened and lifted to create an enhanced neck and jaw contour.

The elimination of horizontal fine lines and wrinkles present around the neck area.

A smoother and revitalised neck that makes patients look visibly younger and rejuvenated.

The treatment is fast and relatively pain-free

No downtime

How it works

What Causes The Jowls to Become Droopy?

There are 3 main factors that cause Jowls to develop and they are as follows:

  • Gravity: Unfortunately gravity is always acting against us and over many years our cheeks start to sag as a result.
  • Loss of elasticity of the skin: As we get older the amount of elastin and collagen in our skin starts to reduce. Both these proteins are essential for the health and elasticity of our skin and as their levels drop, it means our skin is less able to retain its shape and therefore is more susceptible to sagging.
  • Skin attachment to muscle: The attachment between the skin and the underlying muscle becomes weaker meaning the skin has less to ‘hang on’ to. This will significantly accelerate the development of sagging jowls.

What is a Nefertiti Lift?

nefertiti lift

Nefertiti was a queen of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. She was the Royal Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten. Between them, Nefertiti and her husband were known for a religious revolution, in which they worshipped one god only, Aten, or the Sun God.

Queen Nefertiti is well-known as an ancient symbol of beauty. In the image above she is depicted with a long slender elegant neckline and a well defined and refined chin line.  Her image is now used as a benchmark for assessing facial beauty.

The Nefertiti Lift aims to re-establish the chin and necklines of the revered Queen Nefertiti.

A Nefertiti Lift is a Non-Surgical and Non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves injecting muscle relaxing injections into the muscles of the neck and jaw. The goal of these injections is to enhance the jaw and necklines and correct facial proportions. Muscle relaxant injections work by shrinking the jaw/Masseter muscle as well as relaxing the neck Platysmal muscles, creating a sharp and tapered face like Nefertiti herself.

How Does a Nefertiti Lift Work?

Anti Wrinkle Injections are known to work by relaxing the muscle which causes the muscle to lengthen and hence tightening the skin above.

It does seem strange that muscle relaxing injections work by relaxing muscles yet here they are being used to lift and tighten the face!  The explanation lies in the interplay between different muscle groups. The “depressor” muscle group pulls facial features down while the “elevator” muscle groups pull facial features up.

Muscle relaxing injections are used to relax the “depressor” muscle group.  This leaves the “elevator” muscle group to work un-apposed.  This creates a lifting and tightening effect to pull the jowls back up again.

What Can a Nefertiti Lift Treat?

  1. It can reduce the lines around the bottom half of the face
  2. Helps to reduce lines and banding on the neck
  3. Can help with chin dimpling
  4. Can reduce sagging of lower half of the face
  5. Improve the symmetry of the lower face, jaw and neck
  6. Improves the definition of the jawline.

A Nefertiti lift is a temporary treatment. Its effects can last up to four months.

What causes neck bands?

The platysma neck muscle is a superficial muscle covering the neck, originating from the pectoralis and extending into the chin and jawline. When this muscle contracts, it pulls downward on the mouth corners, neck, and lower face. This repetitive, constrictive movement causes the platysma muscles to move forward, creating more visible neckbands. As we age, we lose skin elasticity and collagen present in the skin, causing the skin around the neck area to become thinner, emphasising fine lines, wrinkles, and platysma neckbands.


Stress and anxiety can also contribute to visible neck bands as the neck, shoulders, and teeth clench or tighten due to stress and anxiety, increasing the constant platysma muscle contractions. High-intensity workouts can also influence the neck area, where certain activities cause the muscles to tense, bracing for overwhelming pressure. In some cases, genetics and weight loss may also affect the appearance of prominent neck bands due to the reduction and accumulation of fat deposits and skin laxity.

Who is a Good Candidate For a Nefertiti Lift?

Although anti-wrinkle injections/muscle relaxants can lift jowls, their effectiveness really does depend on the extent of the sagging. If you have large drooping jowls then anti-wrinkle injections are unlikely to give you the results that you desire. In such cases, you really would be better off considering a surgical procedure. The main advantage of using anti-wrinkle injections/ muscle relaxants to lift the jowls rather than surgery is the fact that there is no recovery period required. A Nefertiti Lift procedure can be carried out very quickly and it is extremely safe. Muscle relaxing injections side effects are rare and it is far cheaper than surgery, although it does need repeating.

In summary, muscle relaxants can lift jowls although there is a limit to what they can treat. When considering the procedure it is important that you use a practitioner who is experienced in performing the Nefertiti Lift to ensure you get the best possible results.

Muscle relaxant injections are not suitable for those that are breastfeeding, pregnant, neurological conditions, diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis or Eaton-Lambert Syndrome and active infections on the face or neck.

How Effective is a Nefertiti Lift?

A Systematic review study in 2018, found that the treatment was highly effective and that 88.4% of participants had improvements in the appearance of their neck after having the treatment.

In another study, it was found that the Nefertiti lift was an effective treatment as well as being an effective way to eliminate surgery.

What does the treatment involve?

Before patients undergo treatment, a consultation with Dr Targett is conducted to evaluate their suitability, including assessing the neck area, their health, concerns, and desired outcomes for the treatment. Patients with significant sagging skin or fat deposits may not benefit from anti-wrinkle injections in the area and may require more invasive surgery. Dr Targett needs to evaluate this to craft a tailored treatment plan that effectively targets your concerns and contributes to desired outcomes.

The treatment takes less than an hour, and patients find it relatively painless. Anaesthetic or numbing cream is not usually required but can be administered upon request during your consultation. You may be asked to pose so that the neckbands protrude out. Dr Targett will then administer anti-wrinkle injections along the length of each band to block the nerve signals in that area to weaken the platysmal muscles in a controlled manner. In some cases, injections may be around the jawline, depending on the complexity and extent of your concerns. The platysma muscles will begin to relax and recede over time, blending in with your natural neck contour.

You may return to work or head home immediately after your treatment, as minimal recovery is involved. You may experience some tenderness, bruising, swelling, and redness around the injection sites, but this is a normal post-treatment experience that can be mitigated through pre- and post-treatment care, as advised by Dr Targett.

What kind of results can I expect?

A few days after your treatment, you may notice a visible improvement in your neck as the anti-wrinkle injections start to relax the platysmal muscles. The full results will be seen roughly ten days post-treatment, with skin appearing smoother and more youthful. The platysmal neck bands will have receded fully into the natural contours of your neck and will completely revitalise your lower facial appearance.

Can severe droopy jowls be corrected non surgically?

Nefertiti lift using muscle relaxants will have limited success for more severe droopy jowls, as depicted in the before and after image below.

Such cases can however be corrected non surgically using dermal fillers placed in the superficial fat plane or alternatively by using facial thread lift.  The image below was corrected using thread lift, achieving a successful result.

Before & After

Droopy jowls before and afters, ACM patient before treatment Before
Droopy jowls treatment before and after, ACM patient after After
ACM patient before Nefertiti lift Before
Nefertiti lift, ACM patient after procedure After

The Doctor

Dr Rahma Targett, profile 01

Dr Rahma Targett

Dr Rahma Targett is a General Practitioner(FRACGP), with a specialty in Cosmetic Medicine. She founded Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in 2016 and has since become well known as a trusted and in demand Cosmetic Physician in Adelaide.  She has a Diploma in Dermoscopy and  a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Targett is a leader in her field and regularly attends Cosmetic conferences to keep up to date with modern aesthetic techniques.  At advanced Cosmetic Medicine you can always be reassured that you will be welcomed and treated personally by Dr Rahma Targett.



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How long do results last?

Results can last up to six months, depending on your body’s metabolism rate and the extent of platysmal muscle contractions. Maintenance treatments may be needed to prolong results, but after six months, further treatments will be required if you wish to continue having the enhanced effects.

Do anti-wrinkle injections in the neck hurt?

Most patients find the treatment comfortable and may only experience a slight pinching sensation for each injection. However, we can apply a numbing cream before the procedure to minimise discomfort at the patient’s request.

Will the injections limit my neck movements?

Dr Targett has the knowledge, experience, and credentials to administer injectable cosmetic treatments. When correctly administered by an accredited doctor, proper technique and care ensure that the injections will not weaken the neck muscles or limit a patient’s ability to hold or move their head. It is essential that patients undergo any cosmetic treatment with a highly experienced and accredited doctor to mitigate the potential for associated risks or complications.

What should I do before my treatment?

To minimise the potential for bruising or bleeding, patients may need to stop taking blood-thinning medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin roughly one week before their treatment.


What are the side effects of anti-wrinkle injections?

Patients may experience bruising, swelling, tenderness, or redness at the injection sites immediately following treatment. However, this is an average post-treatment experience for patients. In some cases, rarer risks and complications associated with anti-wrinkle injections may occur, including:

  • Headaches
  • Skin tightness
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Temporary numbness
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Muscle weakness


What is recovery like?

Patients may continue their day after receiving treatment. However, aftercare instructions should be followed to ensure optimal healing and the best outcome with minimal risks. It is recommended that patients do the following:

  • Avoid vigorous exercise or activities that may heighten the heart rate for 24 hours.
  • Remain in an upright position for the first four hours post-treatment.
  • Do not apply pressure to the neck area.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours.
  • Avoid saunas, hot spas, prolonged sun exposure, and other heat sources for at least 24 hours.

Following your aftercare instructions will ensure bruising and swelling is minimised and prevent the anti-wrinkle injections from moving to unwanted areas of the body.