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Acne has troubled people for centuries and one of the common advice for people with acne was to expose it to the Sun. Ironically, while exposure to the sun is considered detrimental to overall skin health, it was observed that it offered some reprieve to those suffering from acne. 

Further research in this area has identified the reason as to why sunlight has been beneficial in curing acne. It is now known that blue light can kill acne. As a result, blue light LED Treatment for acne is effectively used to kill acne bacteria. However, this needs to be carried out systematically under expert care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine offers blue light LED treatment for acne. Based on the finding that blue light can kill the acne bacteria, we use blue light therapy for controlling acne.   We offer a specialised treatment for acne to ensure blemish-free, healthy skin for the long-term. Our treatment procedure is based on the following facts:

  • Visible blue light kills acne bacteria.
  • It is not a one-off treatment. Blue light therapy kills almost all (99.9%) acne      bacteria in the area that the light reaches. It requires few sessions to kill the bacteria living in deep pores.
  • Red light therapy help shrink the sebaceous glands that produce the oil that clogs pores. It is effectively used to reduce inflammation.
    At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, we use the healite LED system for our light therapy. Blue light LED is used to kill acne bacteria and the red LED is used to reduce inflammation.

Propionibacterium acnes, or P. Acnes is the bacteria that causes acne. Although most people believe that killing the bacteria will cure their problem, the truth is that the bacterial infection is just one of the problems of acne. Beneath the skin pores lie the oil-producing sebaceous glands. The skin remains flexible, thanks to the sebum produced by these glands. The sebum also plays a vital role in transporting dead skin cells from the lining and bottom of the pore to the surface.
Sometimes, the dead skin cells are not washed away and they clump together, clogging the pore. Skin inflammation results in excessive production of skin oil. When this occurs, the acne bacteria are sometimes locked inside. They try to break out, so they can move to another pore.
When the pore is clogged with the dead skin cells, the bacteria is unable to move out. So, they produce some chemicals and release them to the skin cell. The body’s immune system starts defending by attacking the bacteria. A pimple pops up to provide the bacteria an escape route. Although some bacteria are killed by the immune system, many escape to colonise another pore.
Although killing the bacteria stops them from making skin sensitive to inflammation, it doesn’t stop the production of excess skin oil. Hence, acne skin care is not merely killing the bacteria but also maintaining a skin care routine to keep things in check.

Visible blue light of wavelengths between 407 and 420 nanometres kills the acne bacteria. The pigments in the protective cell membranes of the bacteria resonate at those frequencies. These pigments break down the membrane, eventually killing the bacteria.
On the skin, exposure to blue light kills a high number of bacteria. However, as the blue light cannot reach deep into the skin, the acne in the cysts beneath the skin or in deep pores remain unaffected. Even so, the results obtained are noticeable. Killing the bacteria automatically stops the inflammation, as the immune system does not resort to the production of inflammatory chemicals.

Using red light in addition to the blue light is effective as the red light can travel further into the skin. It means that the red light can be used to treat deep pores. If used moderately, red light shrinks the glands and reduces sebum production. Thus, it is very effective in curing inflammation. However, excess use of red light may cause skin burns and greater sebum production.

The optimal way to use light for treating acne is to use a combination of blue light and red light. Care should be taken to make sure the light is not intense to cause skin burns.
It is better to get the blue light therapy done by a trained dermatologist. The treatment cycle lasts around 4 weeks. Administered twice a week, each session lasts around 15 to 30 minutes. The duration of the session largely depends on the severity of the condition and the size of the area being treated.
It is always preferable to go for the light therapy session with a clean face with no makeup. The therapy is a totally pain-free process. The therapist will provide you with items like goggles to protect your eyes during the session.
Any inflammation or redness noticed post-treatment needn’t be a cause of alarm. These are temporary and would resolve quickly. Although makeup can be applied immediately, it is prudent to follow the doctor’s advice.
It is important to follow the skin care instructions given by the doctor during the period between two light therapy sessions. Make sure that you follow the dermatologist’s advice on skin care and use of skin care products during and after the treatments.

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