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Cherry Angioma Treatment Adelaide

Cherry angioma are often known as red moles or senile angiomas.  They are a common skin condition and can form on any part of the body. They are most prevalent in people over the age of 30. The reddish appearance is attributed to a collection of small red arterioles within the cherry angioma. This skin condition is not a cause for concern unless it changes in shape, colour or size. Please see your doctor if you notice any changes in appearance or if bleeding occurs.

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What Do Cherry Angiomas Look Like?

Cherry angioma are circular or oval in shape and bright red in colour. They range in size from a pinpoint to about half a centimetre in diameter. They may be either raised or flush with your skin surface. They are found most often on the legs, torso, arms and shoulders. It may easily bleed if subjected to any scratching trauma.

What Causes Cherry Angiomas?

The cause of a cherry angioma is uncertain, although there does appear to be a genetic component which makes some people more predisposed to getting them. There also seems to be some link with certain environmental factors including; pregnancy, climate and exposure to certain chemicals. They first begin to appear in people over thirty and they grow in both size and number with increasing age. 75% of people over the age of 75 have cherry angiomas.

How Can Cherry Angiomas Be Treated?

Cherry angioma are mostly removed for cosmetic reasons. They are may also be removed if they are in a place that gets regularly bumped and causes it to bleed. There are a few different techniques that may be used to remove cherry angiomas.

This technique uses an electric current delivered by a small probe that burns the angioma. You will have a grounding plate attached to your body also.

This method uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the angioma. This method is quick and easy and the often only one treatment is needed.

Laser surgery;

At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine we like to use the Excel V vascular laser to remove cherry angiomas. Because they are superficial the 532nm wavelength may be used. The laser energy causes the blood vessels in the angioma to shut down. Once the blood vessels close up the lesion will naturally necrose. Usually, only one treatment is required. The treatment is not painful and is described as a rubber band flick against the skin.

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