Excel V laser treatment for acne is a remarkable treatment that has been shown to produce fantastic results for those that suffer from active acne.

Acne breakouts can cause you to cancel plans; that first date or job interview can seem like a bad idea when you have a face blotchy with insecurities.  Worldwide, acne is by far the most common skin disease and the most commonly seen dermatological condition at any doctor’s surgery.  Up to 85% of Australian men and women will develop acne at some stage, 5% severely.  Acne usually strikes in the teenage years, at a time when people wish to look their best and not be embarrassed about their appearance.  For nearly half of all sufferers, acne lingers into their thirties.

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Dr R.Targett

"Trust Your Face to a Doctor Trained in Dermatology and Cosmetic Medicine"

Dr Targett is qualified in Primary Care Dermatology with a special interest in Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Medicine.

She is a natural results advocate, facial shaping artist, ambassador of elegance, leader in her field, and the mother of two children.

Why Choose Excel V Laser for Active Acne Treatment?

Acne’s impact on the quality of life creates the essential need for a safe and effective acne treatment to erase the condition for good.  Whilst there is no shortage of available acne treatments, many are ineffective and some even harmful.  From a cream sourced at a chemist, to antibiotics from your doctor, many acne treatments exist but they can be inconvenient with side effects aplenty.  Studies are leaning towards Excel V 1064nm Laser Acne Treatment offered at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, claiming minimal pain during the treatment with no requirement for anaesthetic or cold air, nil side effects, and most importantly, NO reoccurrences of acne.

Excel V Is The Latest Technology in The Fight Against Acne

Studies have proven Excel V 1064nm Laser Acne Treatment to be effective for all types of acne, from mild to severe and inflammatory and noninflammatory acne.  Additionally, studied patients still showed no reoccurrences of acne five years from the initial treatment.  An additional laser acne treatment is recommended to treat scaring.  Laser is the newest, most effective and advanced treatment available and is the most popular treatment amongst celebrities.

How Is Acne Formed?

Sebum is the oily substance created to waterproof the skin.  Sebum is made in tiny, sebaceous glands in the skin, connected to the hair follicles.  Sebum travels from the sebaceous glands up to the skin through the pores.  The hair follicles then are blocked by dead skin cells, creating a build-up of sebum.  This creates inflammation where bacteria can invade the area.  The face, neck, chest and back contain the most sebum creating pores, therefore acne occurs in these locations in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and cysts.

How Does Excel V 1064nm Laser Treatment For Acne Work to Rid Acne?

The long-pulsed Excel V Laser treatment  for acne has two ultra-precise laser wavelengths in the one device, the only system that combines the two.  The laser’s genius is its capability to penetrate the skin deeply to thermally and selectively destroy sebaceous glands that are excessively active and reduce inflammation.  Furthermore, the healing process is aided by collagen stimulation due to the thermal penetration effects which is key in long-term acne treatment.  Collagen is important in every step of the healing process.  As well as collagen improvements, there is an increased excretion of transforming growth factor-beta TGF-β, key for wound healing and fighting inflammation.

Collagen controls cell regeneration once an acne lesion occurs.  Chronic wounds and scaring may occur without the ideal amount of collagen.  80 to 90% of acne atrophic scars, where there is a small impression or dent in the skin, are due to a loss of collagen.  The occurrence of scars and blemishes are significantly reduced with excelled collagen production.

What Does The Treatment Feel Like?

The acne treatment can feel as though rubber bands are snapping against your skin. You may return to normal activities and wear makeup immediately (if you think you need it after emancipating your skin for good!).  Mild erythema or skin redness can occur post-treatment, which will disappear within a day.  Eye protection during the treatment will be provided.

Why Celebrities Have Turned to Laser to Rid Them of Acne?

Kendall Jenner has recently publicly credited laser for ridding her of acne.  Like most teens, Jenner battled with acne affecting her self-esteem before eventually consulting a dermatologist.  With a net worth of around $18 million at the age of twenty-two, she is currently one of the most successful models.  In campaigns for the likes of Missoni and Tods and countless runways she happily flaunts her flawless complexion.  One would never have guessed she used to suffer from acne or that in the past she would consciously hide her face with her hands.

Acne affects people differently, which is why Advanced Cosmetic Medicine offers only personalised treatment programs.  Many acne treatments do not address the problem completely; Advanced Cosmetic Medicine offers a holistic approach.  Acne can be influenced by genetics, hormones, stress, poor diet, and inactivity, all of which must be controlled to improve your condition in conjunction with laser.  Whilst the laser will erase acne scarring, the best possible acne treatment for scaring is prevention; treat acne as early as possible.  All programs are highly personalised to permanently rid you of acne.

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Price of Excel V Laser Acne Treatment


Laser Genesis (1 treatment)$350
Laser Genesis (5 treatments)$1600

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