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Eye Bag Treatment Adelaide

A common area of concern among many people is eye bags. Having eye bags can give you a tired and unhealthy look. Eye bag treatment using dermal fillers can help to smooth the transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek below.

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What Are Eye Bags?

Eye bags refer to the pocket like sagging, drooping, swelling or stretching appearance of the lower eye lid. Many people get confused between eye bags and eye puffiness.  Eye bags just affect the lower eye lid whilst puffiness affects the soft tissue surrounding the entire orbit of the eye.  Eye bags come with ageing as well as other causes.



What is The Cause of Under Eye Bags?

As mentioned above the prime culprit is ageing.  As we age the tissues and muscles including collagen and elastin weaken and are less capable of supporting the eyelids. The skin starts to sag and the fat that is usually held in the area around the eye starts to gravitate to the area below the eye.  Additionally, the area under the eyes may accumulate fluid causing the eye to look swollen or puffy.

How Do I Get Rid of Eye Bags?

  • Do not rub or touch your eyes.
  • Dehydration can cause sagging, always drink plenty of water.
  • Reduce salt intake which can cause fluid buildup and swelling.
  • Remove eye makeup before going to bed.
  • Reduce alcohol intake.
  • Get allergies such as hay fever under control, which may cause puffiness.
  • Get adequate sleep and try sleeping on your back to reduce the effects of gravity.

Can Dermal Filler be Used to Treat Eye Bags?

Yes, dermal fillers are often used as an eye bag treatment, especially when the cause of the eye bags is ageing and nothing else helps to reduce the appearance of the eye bags. When this happens, eye bags can appear relatively larger due to the loss of volume in the mid cheek area.  This lost volume in the mid cheek area can be replaced using dermal fillers to reduce the difference in volume between the mid cheeks and the eye bags.

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eye bag treatment
eye bag treatment

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