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Facial Telangiectasia is found near the surface of mucous membranes or the surface of the skin.  They are known as broken blood vessels or widened blood vessels.

When telangiectasia appears on the skin, the small blood vessels can range in colour from red, purple to blue.

The size of telangiectasia can range from 1 to 3mm in width.  They are normally quite harmless but sometimes may be painful due to pressure on the small veins.  Sometimes they may also be itchy.

Telangiectasia is most often found on the cheek, chin and nose.  Facial redness is also caused by telangiectasia on the face.  This is often known as facial matting and is caused by very fine broken blood vessels.

Telangiectasia can also be found in other parts of the body including the legs, chest, back and arms.  When they appear on the legs they are known as spider veins.  With spider telangiectasia on the legs, there is a red central vessel feeding other vessels that radiate outwards like a spiders web.

Although telangiectasia is not a major health concern they are often a concern from a cosmetic point of view.  Spider veins on the legs are often caused by incompetent valves of larger veins that cause the blood to pool and swell smaller veins.

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She is a natural results advocate, facial shaping artist, ambassador of elegance, leader in her field and mother of two children.

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What Causes Facial Telangiectasia?

Facial Telangiectasias are usually found on individuals that have had long-term sun exposure and is seen most often in people that have fair skin.

The cause of telangiectasia in most cases is not known.

The factors that can lead to the formation of telangiectasia may include;

  • Sun and wind exposure
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetics
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Trauma that has occurred to the skin
  • Long-term use of oral and topical corticosteroids
  • Medication that can cause the blood vessels to widen
  • Acne

What is the Best Treatment For Telangiectasia?

The gold standard for the treatment of telangiectasia is the Excel V laser by Cutera offered by Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. Laser energy is absorbed by the blood in the broken vessels causing the vessel to close down.  The Excel V comes with a cool glide guide which is held on the skin.  The cooling helps to protect the surrounding tissue from damage as well as making the treatment less painful for the recipient.  Most people describe the sensation as a rubber band flicking against the skin.

The beauty of the Excel V laser system is that you see the broken vessels disappear before your very eyes.  Depending on the skin area affected by telangiectasia, several treatment sessions may be required to achieve resolution.  Small areas can often be treated successfully with just one treatment.

It is important not to take blood thinners (consult your doctor if you take prescribed blood thinners) before and after the treatment as this may prevent the vessel from closing up permanently.  Additionally, do not massage the area after the treatment as this will also act to open up the closed vessels.

Price of


Vascular Laser (for 15 minutes)$350

Before and After Having Vascular Laser Treatment


After Procedure

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