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Experience the most advanced facials in Adelaide. Provide your skin with the ultimate Hydrafacial experience.

Facials in Adelaide (ACM Clinic)
Facials consult at ACM Adelaide


Facials - Adelaide

Create your own world of relaxation and wellbeing. As one of Adelaide’s most welcoming, relaxing Medical Spas, Advanced Cosmetic Medicine offers a wide range of expert facials treatments which can all be enjoyed in our deluxe beauty suite. Facials are our speciality. We cater to different skin types, skin sensitivities and skin conditions.  Come and experience the all new Hydrafacial today - the latest in advanced facial technology!


How it works

Try Our New Hydrafacial Today And See How it Can Transform Your Skin


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Hydrafacial is the ultimate in facial experiences. In just three steps a Hydrafacial will work to deep clean, exfoliate and hydrate your skin.  This unique experience may help to treat several skin conditions, including wrinkles, dryness and acne.

The results achieved are much more dramatic than a regular facial. A mechanical wand is used to clean deep down, exfoliate your skin and deliver nourishing serums suited to your skin type.

The Doctor

Dr Rahma Targett, profile 01

Dr Rahma Targett

Dr Rahma Targett is a General Practitioner(FRACGP), with a specialty in Cosmetic Medicine. She founded Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in 2016 and has since become well known as a trusted and in demand Cosmetic Physician in Adelaide.  She has a Diploma in Dermoscopy and  a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Targett is a leader in her field and regularly attends Cosmetic conferences to keep up to date with modern aesthetic techniques.  At advanced Cosmetic Medicine you can always be reassured that you will be welcomed and treated personally by Dr Rahma Targett.



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What is a facial?

A facial is basically a skin treatment that involves many steps and is often said to the best way to take care of your skin and keep your skin looking young and vibrant.  The steps involved in a facial will vary depending on the treatment protocol decided between your self and the beauty consultant.  The basic steps, however, involve; cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing the skin with essential vitamins and lastly hydrating the skin, all of which will help your skin to look and stay younger.

Our beauty consultant will also recommend products that you may buy and take home to be a part of your ongoing skincare regime.

What are the health benefits of a facial?

Lower Stress Levels

Do you every have troubling finding time for just you? From both a physical and mental health perspective, we all know that it is important to pamper ourselves from time to time.  Our skin is also known to suffer and deteriorate when we are under stress.  It has also been shown that conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne can all be affected by stress.

Having regular facials is an excellent life choice as well as being great for your skin.  It gives you a much-needed chance to calm and relax your self.

At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine you can choose to incorporate a facial massage into your facial package.  A recent study performed in Japan has shown that a 45-minute facial massage can significantly reduce your anxiety and negative moods. Facials are a perfect way to pamper yourself and find some relaxation in this fast-paced world.

Treat Acne and Acne Scars

If you suffer from acne, you will know how frustrating it is.

These skin blemished are not only unattractive, but they can also be downright painful.  Everyone that suffers from acne will tell you how they yearn for spotless skin.

It is possible to have flawless skin, but often trying to achieve this at home only results in breakouts becoming worse.

The products we use at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine are specially formulated to suit your skin type and it will only be applied after a proper cleaning so that they are absorbed better.

Our beauty therapist will also perform exfoliation and extraction to help clear out the pores.  This helps to prevent further breakouts.

Many clients choose to have a salicylic acid peel performed, which has been proven to help reduce acne.

Improve Blood Circulation

The health and vitality of your facial skin are often affected by poor circulation beneath the skin.  Poor circulation inhibits nutrient from the blood entering your skin cells, it also gives your skin a pale/sick colour.  Facial massage has been shown to significantly improve blood circulation to the face as well as aiding in lymphatic drainage.

Prevent Skin Ageing

Your skin can show signs of ageing for many reasons. Free radicals can cause oxidative damage which becomes more evident as aged skin as we grow older. Additionally, as we grow older there is a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, meaning that fine lines and wrinkles become more evident your face.  Too much UV radiation from the sun causes photodamage to our skin giving us a prematurely aged look.

For people that have already started to notice signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, having a facial once a month is a great way to help keep your skin looking younger.

The topical agents used in facials have anti-ageing properties. Agents such as rationales, growth factors, peptides are cell regulators which keep the cells healthy and active. Agents such as polyphenols, vitamins and flavonoids are antioxidants which protect your skin from free radicals.

Ingredients such as retinol have been shown to positively improve the appearance of the skin and slow down the ageing process.

Exfoliating Facials

By exfoliating, we mean the removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the facial skin. The dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin causing it to have a rough, dry and dull appearance.  Another result of this buildup of dead skin is that it can cause pores to become clogged.  Bacteria gets trapped inside causing acne and blemishes.

The best way to exfoliate is to have a professional facial performed.  This will remove the dead layer of skin causing your pores to become clogged. By opening up these pores, your skin will be better able to absorb nourishing and hydration products.

To exfoliate facials usually employ the use of chemical peels, which clears away the outer layer of dead skin cells.  This promotes new cell growth and reveals a layer of bright new skin underneath.

Our beauty consultant will recommend a skin peel that is suitable for your skin type and skin sensitivity.

Increase Absorption Abilities

Another of the advantages of facials is that they prepare your skin so that the very expensive beauty products that you buy can be better absorbed. In order for these products to work, they need to absorb deep into your skin for their maximum effect.

Facials make your skin soft and supple and allow maximum penetration for your beauty products.

Hydrate Your Skin

Many people have low sebum production causing dry skin.  Apart from this, other factors may cause your skin to become dry.  Taking long showers may be very relaxing after a hard day, but it also tends to wash away your natural oils causing the skin to become dry.

It should become part of your daily routine to moisturise your skin.  Having regular facials assists in exfoliating and allowing moisturiser to penetrate deep into your skin.

There is little doubt that dry skin makes your skin prone to fine lines and wrinkles and premature ageing.  Having regular facials will keep your skin looking great and feeling soft and vibrant.

Are facials good for people with sensitive skin?

People with sensitive skin are faced with a dilemma.  The last thing you want is to pay upwards of $100 for a facial only to have an allergic reaction and your face turn into a red disaster.  But on the other hand, many people swear by the health and calming benefits that a good facial can do.  What can we do then?

The answer is not always clear, unfortunately. “Sensitive skin” can mean anything from acne-prone skin, people that suffer from rosacea and eczema, allergic reactions to skincare products, sensitivity to shaving.

Facial treatments may use products that can cause a flare-up in any of the above conditions.  Since skin sensitivity can mean many things there is no such thing as one product fits all.  For people with sensitive skin, the best thing to do is to consult with your doctor or dermatologist regarding the products to steer clear of.  Also, learn from your past experiences which products can cause skin irritation and flare-ups.  Make a habit of checking the back label of products to see the ingredients before out decide to try something new.

Having said this, it is important to recognise that about 50% of the population has some sort of skin sensitivity!  At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine we are aware of the advantages of soothing facials for these people. For people with sensitive skin, we always advise performing a test patch on a small area first.  You can enjoy the benefits and ultimate relaxation of facials just by taking a little care.  It is our goal to help people with sensitive skin.  We successfully help many people with acne-prone skin, rosacea and eczema as well as those with skin allergies.

Are facials good for acne?

If you have blackheads on your nose or whiteheads on your forehead then the best way to get rid of them is to go to a beauty therapist who is trained to perform a process known as extractions. The worst way to get rid of acne is to pick at them yourself, which can cause scarring and spread of the infection.

There are a lot of products off the shelf out there that make big promises, such as deep cleansing pore strips, but they usually just leave your pores clogged.

The most important part of a facial for acne is the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads. A skilled beauty therapist can remove them more successfully and safely than yourself, preventing any scarring or spread of infection.

Extractions will only take place once the skin has been properly prepared by thorough cleansing, exfoliation and steaming, which helps to soften and unplug the clogged pores.  Warm steam, as well as your own perspiration, will loosen the clogged pores. Manipulation by the hands of the beauty therapist will then release the plug when she applies pressure.

During the prosecute beauty therapist will wear gloves to ensure a high standard of hygiene.

If not done correctly, extractions can cause damage. If too much pressure is applied, this may cause broken capillaries.  For people with dark skin, too much pressure could result in hyperpigmentation.  Inflamed areas should not be extracted as the infection may spread.

Don’t overdo it with extractions, since too many extractions at one time can be very traumatic to the skin.  An extraction session should not last any more than about ten minutes.

What is a deep cleansing facial?

Deep cleansing facials are a type of facial that involves, cleansing, steam, extractions, facial serum and moisturiser. At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine we perform extractions to remove blackheads and whiteheads. If your skin lacks moisture or is prone to breakouts, a deep cleansing facial will suit you. After your treatment, you will find your skin oh so soft, glowing, clean and fresh.  Regular deep cleansing facials will help to add suppleness to mature skin which helps to prevent wrinkles forming and helps to slow down the ageing process.

Can I have a facial if I have Rosacea?

Facials for Rosacea can be a wonderfully soothing experience.  The important message is to find out exactly what products and treatments are involved first, so as not to cause any Rosacea flare-ups.  At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine we will tailor a facial to suit your own individual needs.

Always inform the beauty therapist before your making an appointment and before treatment that you suffer from Rosacea.  It is also a good idea to make sure the therapist is experienced at performing facials on Rosacea sufferers.

Facials for rosacea are aimed towards decreasing the redness and calming the irritation caused by rosacea.  Products that should not be used include; aloe, reshape, fragrance, eucalyptus, alcohol, menthol, peppermint which are known to irritate the skin. Facial massages, chemical peels, heat, steam, exfoliations, microdermabrasion mud and clay masks may also cause flare-ups and should be avoided.

At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine we have found laser treatments using the Excel V 532 nm collide laser to be particularly beneficial for treating Rosacea and give long-term results.

Can facials help to prevent wrinkles and signs of ageing

Do you want to prevent wrinkles and help slow down the ageing process?  Have a facial may be the best way to achieve that. Facials to work to maintain the health of your skin, keeping it supple, soft and hydrated.  Having dry hard skin is a bit like a piece of paper.  If you bend that paperback and forward it will wrinkle, and the same is true for your skin.  Having facials may not be the best treatment for reversing fine lines and wrinkles but they certainly can help to prevent wrinkles, especially when used in conjunction with routine sunscreen.

To treat existing wrinkles, you may be best to look to anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. These are not permanent treatments and will need to be repeated periodically.  Treatments such as laser Genesis, Skin needling and Factor 4 are all excellent at stimulating your skin to produce more elastin and collagen, helping to plump your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Can I have a facial if I am pregnant?

I am sure you will happy with our answer; the answer is yes, you can get a facial when you are pregnant. A facial will help you with any skin issue that you are having during your pregnancy, such as dryness, puffiness and breakouts. You will be sure to have a pregnant glow to your skin afterwards!

To be on the safe side we do not recommend chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser, during pregnancy. LED light therapy should be safe and beneficial. Always let your beauty consultant know that you are pregnant before having a facial treatment.

Can facials help with large pores?

For many of us that suffer from enlarged pores, facials can be our saviour.

Pore size can be affected by a number of things; from genetics, ageing and fluctuations in skin condition.  Often sebum a natural oil secreted by the sebaceous glands as well as dead skin cells get trapped inside our pores and the end result is the formation of a pimple. Over time this may cause our pores to be become enlarged. Also as we age UV light from the sun can weaken the supporting structures of the skin including collagen and elastin, which help to keep the pore tight, resulting in more visible pores as we get older.

The best way to prevent pores from becoming enlarged it to have regular facials that involve an extraction component. To get pores clean and remove blackheads you should have extractions performed by an experienced beauty therapist on a monthly basis.

At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine our facials can be tailor-made to suit your particular requirements.  Our most basic facials include microdermabrasion and LED light therapy, both of which help to renew the skin and enhance the production of collagen and elastin, helping to keep pores tight.

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine also offers other treatments that can help with enlarges pores.  Laser Genesis and Factor 4 Skin Needling are very effective at stimulating natural collagen and elastin helping to plump the skin and tighten pores.

Can men also have facials?

These days, facials are not just for women.  More and more men are seeking out facial treatments.  At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine we welcome men to come in and experience the luxury of having a facial and the benefits it brings for your skin.  The facial treatments that we have for men are specially formulated for the needs of men.

Men often have dry and roughened skin from shaving and spending too much time in the sun.  As we do for women we will tailor a treatment to suit your individual skin type and condition.  Men often seek facials to treat acne as well as age-related fine lines and wrinkles.

Often the same routine of cleansing, exfoliation, applying noticing products and moisturising is used for both men and women.  Men may also decide to incorporate facial massage, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy as well.  The products used for men’s facials are different than women’s facials, offering more masculine scents.  Because men’s faces are often more hardened or weathered than women’s faces, a series of facial treatments may be necessary to see results.

What is a Vampire Facial?

You may well ask, “What is a Vampire facial?”

The Vampire Facial is also known as PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.  It is a rejuvenating therapy that uses nothing more than the patients own blood that has been specially prepared.

Platelets within the blood release proteins which promote growth when they come into contact with your own body cells.  This is all part of the normal healing process.

In PRP the clients own blood is taken.  This blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate out the plasma from the platelets.

The plasma is extracted and is syringed over the surface of the clients face.  A skin needling device is then used to inject the enriched plasma into the client’s skin to rejuvenate their face.  The effect is to stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin to help plump your skin and erase fine lines and wrinkles.

The benefits of PRP are;

  1. Helps to tighten large open pores.
  2. It plumps the skin to create facial volume and a youthful appearance
  3. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as stretch marks and scars.

Before any needles are injected into the face a local anaesthetic cream is applied.  This will make the face feel numb and the treatment would be relatively pain-free. Mild discomfort may be experienced around the lips.

Side effects are rare, but may include puffy skin, bruising and infection.  After the treatment, you will have a red face for a few days which looks a bit like a sunburn.

A series of four treatment spread out every ten days is recommended for maximum benefit.  You will notice improvements in your skin after each treatment.

How often should I get a facial?

How often you should get a facial will vary from person to person.  It takes about one month for the skin to regenerate after a facial so ideally, every month is a good guide.  At the very least try to get a facial four times a year at the end of each season.  If you are trying to clear up a case of acne then it may be appropriate to have a facial more frequently than once a month.  Let your skin guide you, especially if you have sensitive skin.

What should I expect after my facial?

For starters, you can expect to leave feeling totally relaxed and free from any stress. You can also expect to have skin that is visibly smoother, softer and more hydrated.  You may also notice that fine lines and wrinkles have visibly reduced.  Your beauty consultant will recommend some skincare products that you can make home to enhance your skincare routine as well as extend the results you have gained by having a facial.

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