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Facial veins or reticular veins are most commonly found along the temple and periorbital regions. While there are some health risks associated with this vascular complication, most adults who experience the development of prominent reticular veins find they are more of a cosmetic issue that of any other health concern. If you suffer from the development of facial reticular veins, there is a great likelihood the complication has developed in response to a genetic predisposition and, when examining the face of your family members, many individuals within your family probably experience the same cosmetic feature.

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What are Reticular Veins?

Facial veins or reticular veins are common, but they form deeper under the skin’s surface, so they’re less visible. They’re larger than spider veins but smaller than varicose veins, ranging from 1-3mm in diameter. And they’re typically flatter and less twisted or bulged than varicose veins. They often can become “feeder veins,” contributing to the development of spider veins. Blue or greenish in colour, reticular veins most often occur in the thighs, behind the knee, and lower leg. However, they also can be found on the face.

The Primary Causes of Reticular Veins?

The primary causes of facial veins or reticular veins are the same as those of spider and varicose veins: weak or damaged small valves in the vein. Blood backs up in the veins (reflux) and causes tiny veins on the skin surface to dilate and become visible (spider veins.) Contributing factors include genetics, age, weight, hormonal changes, pregnancy, occupations that require a lot of sitting or standing with little movement, and your geographic location. Those who live in warmer climates with greater sun exposur are more prone to reticular veins because of the sun’s UV damage to the skin.

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