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Cleft Chin Treatment - Adelaide

When talking about chin surgery, most people think about how to make their chin bigger through chin implants or fat injections, but an equally significant thing to consider is how to tone down an overly prominent chin. Under this category, one common procedure when it comes to chin enhancement is how to correct an excessive, deep chin cleft.

Studies show that genetics cause the appearance of chin dimples or cleft chin deformity. Other names for cleft chin are:

  • Butt chin
  • Chin cleft
  • Dimple chin

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What Causes a Cleft Chin?

Before discussing how to correct a chin dimple, let us first talk about what causes it in the first place.

Many people think that a cleft chin is associated with how the chin bone looks. Below is an image showing what the chin bone actually looks like.

Having a prominent cleft chin is believed to have a deep indentation in the middle of the chin bone, but it turns out that the chin bone usually has that prominent groove. The truth is that the mentalis muscle, the muscle that appears around the jawbones, fails to close at the chin, hence leaving a gap.

People with cleft chin have either very thick mentalis muscles that create a ‘valley’ between the muscles and/or a wide space between mentalis muscles.

Is a Chin Cleft Attractive?

People have different views on the cleft chin. Some feel it improves a person’s appearance, while others find it ugly. A cleft chin is technically regarded as a flaw, but numerous popular celebrities who have this facial feature are considered attractive and good-looking.

Unlike cheek dimples, which represent youthfulness and innocence, a chin dimple is regarded by most women as contentious as they think having such is more masculine than feminine.

Threadlift as an option to correct a cleft chin

Threadlift is a minimally invasive procedure that involves inserting dissolvable threads under the skin to lift and tighten the chin area. This can help reduce the prominence of a cleft chin by providing structural support and improving the overall appearance of the chin. Threadlift is a non-surgical option that can offer natural-looking results with minimal downtime. It's important to consult with a qualified and experienced medical professional to determine if Threadlift is the right option for your specific needs.

The Doctor

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Dr Rahma Targett

Dr Rahma Targett is a General Practitioner(FRACGP), with a specialty in Cosmetic Medicine. She founded Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in 2016 and has since become well known as a trusted and in demand Cosmetic Physician in Adelaide.  She has a Diploma in Dermoscopy and  a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Targett is a leader in her field and regularly attends Cosmetic conferences to keep up to date with modern aesthetic techniques.  At advanced Cosmetic Medicine you can always be reassured that you will be welcomed and treated personally by Dr Rahma Targett.