Hair Loss Treatment: Losing hair can be a distressing moment in anyone’s life. Don’t stress; autologous serum can help you regrow your hair.

As we age, we find that various processes that take place in our body start to change.  For one, our skin starts to lose volume and wrinkles and creases start to become more visible.  Heaven forbid we might also start to experience losing hair from the scalp.

Starting to lose hair can be a very stressful event, especially when that hair loss starts to affect our appearance.

However, with the developments of modern medicine, we now have the ability to stop hair loss in its tracks.  The development of growth factors that we can inject into the scalp has allowed hundreds of patients to regrow their hair naturally.

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Autologous Serum Therapy Can Have a Number of Applications;

  • Promote hair regrowth
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases
  • Restore volume in your face.
hair loss treatment

Hair Loss Treatment With Factor 4 Autologous Serum

When we inject growth factors into the scalp, it has the effect of repairing and regenerating the hair follicles. The hair regrows from those follicles and becomes stronger and thicker.

This can only be achieved if the hair follicles are not completely destroyed in the first instance.  Autologous serum therapy is most effective when the hair follicles are still present and active.  As soon as you begin to notice that your hair is beginning to thin or recede, you should consider strongly having a treatment with an autologous serum to prevent the hair loss from continuing.  If you leave this for too long, you may well find that you have lost your window of opportunity to repair the hair loss.

In our experience, we highly recommend that you start hair loss treatment as soon as possible since this will give you a better response to the growth factors.  Normally the treatment involves a series of six treatment, spaced one month apart.

What Does The Autologous Serum Treatment Involve?

A strong local topical anaesthetic will be applied to the scalp, while your autologous serum is being prepared. This will allow your skin to go numb so that you will not experience too much discomfort during the procedure.  The growth factors are then injected into the skin by way of a Mderma needle gun. The needles will penetrate your scalp four to six millimetres.

There is no downtime involved in this procedure, so you will not need to take time away from work.  The treatment will take about one hour to complete, after which you may resume your daily activities as normal.

Autologous Serum therapy requires a great degree of skill.  It is a medical procedure and should only be performed by a doctor trained in aesthetic medicine for you to get the best outcome.

How Does Factor 4  Autologous Serum  Hair Loss Treatment Work?

Here at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in Adelaide, autologous serum hair loss treatment is a revolutionary new plasma treatment method to help patients that suffer from hair loss and alopecia.  Autologous plasma is injected into the scalp using an MDerma needle gun, thus stimulating the hair follicles into hair growth.

The procedure for producing the growth factors includes;

  1. Extracting about fifty ml of blood from the patient.
  2. The blood is then incubated and centrifuged to isolate the blood serum contain the all-important growth factors.
  3. The blood serum is then filtered and injected into the scalp allowing the growth factors to go to work stimulating hair growth.

PRP therapy is similar to Factor 4, but because it is not incubated does not have the same concentration of growth factors.  We have found that the factor 4 treatment method has the best ability to promote hair growth.

Price of Hair Loss Treatment


Factor 4 Hair Loss Treatment (for 6 treatments)$3,300

Before and After Hair Loss Treatment

hair loss treatment
hair loss treatment

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