Laser Skin Resurfacing Vs Chemical Peels

Laser skin resurfacing has been a difficult art to master, with either under treatment or over treatment as being reason for concern.  Chemical peels are regarded as the gold standard when it comes to skin resurfacing.

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Basic Process of Chemical Peels  and Laser Skin Resurfacing

Chemical peels are perhaps one of the greatest gifts to modern aesthetic medicine.  It essentially takes old skin and makes it new again.  It fulfills an ambition that people have had for thousands of years ……..and that is to not have wrinkles!  Chemical peels have been around now for over fifty years.  When the right patient with the right colour skin and right thickness of skin is chosen then you can have a very happy patient for many years after they have this procedure.

Approximately fifteen years ago, a new technology was delivered (known as laser skin resurfacing) to hopefully erase wrinkles.  Instead of this chemical process (which is essentially just an application of acid to the skin) a laser, an invisible beam of high energy light, which would basically destroy the outer layer of the skin by heating the cells and making them burst.  The water inside the cell would boil literally, at a cellular level.  It makes the individual cells pop and die as apposed to the chemical peel which  makes the cells die from the acid treatment.  On principle basically the same thing happens with both techniques, the outer layer of the skin is destroyed, forcing nature to send up brand new fresh pink skin.

Why Laser Skin Resurfacing Has Not Been As Successful As Hoped?

The problems came with the laser skin resurfacing, when we realised it took a very long time for doctors to master it.  That lead to some patients being dissapointed due to under treatment and others being dissapointed due to over treatment.  It is a very powerful tool, but the mastery took a lot longer to get an even treatment, not too superficial and not too deep.  Laser skin resurfacing treatment fell out of favor for this reason.  There are some less strong   lasers that are less prone to complications, but don’t deliver the results that people expect when they outlay a significant amount of money for a procedure.

Dr Targett say that “The chemical peel is definitely the gold standard.  It produces great results that are even and predictable every time.  Sometimes there is just one process that beats the others hands down.  Chemical peel is definitely the best skin resurfacing technique available.”

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