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Who doesn’t want beautiful lips? Your lips may be naturally thin or showing signs of thinning or wrinkles due to ageing. A lip augmentation (also known as lip fillers, lip injections, lip enhancement, lip-plumping ) treatment gives you the full, shapely and beautiful lips you’ve always wanted.

Lip enhancement will increase lip volume for a fuller, plumper look, define the border of the lips (vermillion border) for a more defined shape and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your lips.

What are the Advantages of Lip Fillers?

  1. Lip fillers can be used to address a number of different concerns involving the lips;
    •  Lip fillers can improve the width and definition of the vermilion border.
    • A fuller pout can be created by adding volume to the fleshy parts of the upper and lower lips.
    • The cupid’s bow can be enhanced to create extra definition.
    • The lines running down the sides of the mouth also known as the oral commissures can be made to appear more discreet.
    • The lines running downwards from the corner of the lips, also known as marionette lines, can be filled to look less noticeable.
    • Fillers can help to provide more definition to the philtrum ridges. (ie lines going up to the nose)
    • Vertical smokers lines or perioral lines on the upper lip can be reduced with fillers.
  2. Lip fillers are a quick and easy and relatively painless procedure
    •  Lip fillers can be completed within about 20 minutes. Because very fine needles are used and because the filler product contains its own local anaesthetic, you should feel very little discomfort throughout the procedure.
  3.  Lip Fillers can give you a natural-looking result
    • The natural shape and foundation of your lips will remain the same. Lip fillers will help to restore the volume of the lips as well as helping to accentuate the contours and outline of the lips.
  4. Lip fillers are made from hyaluronic acid which a natural compound found in your body

    • Hyaluronic acid is what is responsible for making your skin look young and full of volume.  As you age, the level of hyaluronic acid becomes depleted, causing a loss of volume and wrinkles forming.  Lip fillers replenish the level of hyaluronic acid.

  5. If you are not happy with the results you have the peace of mind knowing that dermal fillers can be dissolved.
    • Lip fillers are not permanent. If you are not happy with the results, you can either get the fillers dissolved or wait six months for the effects of the filler to be naturally absorbed by the body.

What are lip fillers made from?

Lip fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a natural product which is a type of sugar which is found naturally inside your body. It attracts water and to create volume and lip definition when it is injected into your lips. Because lip fillers are a natural substance the body thinks it is it’s own and does not break it down very fast, meaning it will last much longer.  Also because it is a natural substance the body does not form an allergic reaction to the filler.

What does the procedure involve?

You will start by having a consultation with Dr Targett to discuss your medical history,  your aesthetic goals and to provide you with more information about the procedure, so that you may make an informed decision. If you decide to go ahead with the procedure you will then be asked to fill in an informed consent form to say that you are willing to go ahead with the procedure and accept any risks involved in the procedure.

Once the formalities are over and you decide to go ahead with the procedure, you will be taken to the treatment room. Your lips can be numbed with a lidocaine injection if you so wish, or you can choose to just go with the lidocaine in the filler product itself.  Dr Targett will prepare the product to be injected.  She will then proceed to inject your lips in a manner to achieve your desired aesthetic goals. The procedure itself may take as little as 20 minutes.

After the procedure, your lips will appear red and swollen.  It may take up to ten days for the swelling to go down, so don’t panic and think that lips have been over injected.

Before you go home you will be provided with some post-care instructions to help you care for your new lips.  It is important that you follow these instructions so that you can achieve the best outcome and avoid any potential complications. We do not advise you to massage your lips at home to relieve pain as this may cause unnatural displacement of the lip filler.  Paracetamol may be taken to relieve any pain post-procedure.

Does it hurt to get lip fillers?

A topical numbing cream may be applied to the lip or alternatively, a lidocaine injection may be given to help the lips go numb.  This will aid in your comfort during the procedure. Most lip fillers these days contain lidocaine, so the numbing medicine and the lip filler are injected simultaneously. Most people describe the pain a little like a bee sting, but after the lidocaine takes to affect the procedure is easily tolerated and you should only feel slight pressure upon injection.

Experience is key. Performed by an experienced doctor, a lip augmentation/lip enhancement will give you both beautiful lips and natural-looking results. If someone is inexperienced or has a poor aesthetic sense, there is the risk that your lips may become too big or have a stiff, unnatural appearance.

The lip enhancement procedure takes less than one hour. You will have a consultation with Dr Targett before the procedure to determine exactly the look you are trying to achieve as well as to inform you about the procedure and any risks involved.

After leaving the clinic, your lips may feel numb and appear quite big (lip plumping). This however is mostly due to the swelling not because too much dermal filler was injected. You may also see small red dots which is where the needles penetrated the skin.  These will clear up after a day or so.

The injection may irritate some blood vessels and cause some bruising.  Bruising does not always occur but it is a common occurrence so it is best to expect it up front.  Not a lot can be done for the bruising except to wait for it to resolve.  An ice compress may help to stop the bleeding initially.

The filler itself may evoke a bit of a reaction and inflammation may occur.  This generally resolves after a day or so.

A lip augmentation treatment uses a facial filler. These products are gels made with the hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body. Lip fillers work by attracting water molecules which help to create lip plumping and to make them look fuller and firmer.

Studies have shown that these fillers provide immediate results and are free of serious or long-term side effects because the natural product is almost identical to that produced by the body.

Your lips will be a bit firm and possibly bumpy for a week or more after lip injections, this is normal. Lip plumping injections definitely make your lips feel a lot plumper. If you massage your lips it is possible that you may move the filler around, which could cause a very undesirable result.

Studies have shown that these fillers provide immediate results and are free of serious or long-term side effects because hyaluronic acid is almost identical to that produced by the body.

The recovery time from lip injections is normally one day. Bruising, swelling and soreness, however, may persist for up to one week. Very rarely, the dermal filler injected may cause an injection site reaction which may last for one to two weeks.

After having lip fillers, there will usually be a period of swelling for about 24 hours after the procedure.  The natural product within the filler is picking up water and causing the lips to swell.  Applying ice to the lips will help during this time.  Most people return to work the next day after having lip fillers.  You may notice swelling yourself but those around you will usually not notice.  If you are concerned about lip swelling it is often a good idea to plan a few days off after having a lip enhancement procedure.

When it comes to lip fillers and lip augmentation, there are several important steps that need to be considered.

  1. Always have a consultation with your doctor beforehand to ensure you are both on the same page as far as what your expectations and desired look are.
  2. The choice of filler used is an important consideration.  We always like to use newer fillers specifically designed for the lips.
  3. Lastly, the skill of the doctor injecting the filler plays an important role.  Everyones anatomy is different so techniques and approaches need to be adaptable to each and every client.  A custom approach is necessary and it often comes down to the skill and experience of the doctor.  Be aware that lip plumping on thin lips will not look as natural as lip limping on larger lips.

For thin lips, the use of dermal fillers specifically designed for lips can achieve great looking and natural results. The type of filler used is important, but more importantly, the experience and skill of the doctor performing the injections should be considered.  This is a science and an art, so always consider the skill of the doctor if you want to achieve natural-looking results.

If you are pregnant, then it is definitely not advisable to have lip augmentation. You will never know if lip fillers might react with your body and developing baby in a way that might harm your baby?  There is no scientific evidence to say that this is the case, and if you had lip fillers before you knew that you were pregnant, then you need not worry.  Please inform your aesthetic medicine doctor that you are pregnant before having any lip filling procedure performed.

  1. Let us know if you have a history of Herpes.
  2. Avoid dental work 2 weeks prior to having lip injections
  3. Avoid all blood thinning medications for 7 days prior to treatment.
  4. Check with your doctor before stopping any medication for heart related problems.
  5. Avoid at ageing products such as retinols and retinoids for 3 days prior to treatment.
  6. Avoid alcohol for 24 hrs prior to having lip injections.
  7. Avoid dermal fillers if pregnant or allergic to dermal fillers.
  8. Ask your doctor if you have any questions or concerns before having lip injections.
  1. Apply icepack after treatment to help reduce swelling and any bruising.
  2. Do not apply any excess pressure to the area including massage.
  3. Avoid exercise for the remainder of the treatment day.
  4. Avoid UV exposure until swelling has subsided.
  5. Wait 4 weeks before getting any skin care or laser treatment.
  6. Bruising will generally fade within 2 weeks.

Lip fillers generally last from between six to twelve months.  A number of factors such as an individuals, skin condition, lifestyle, age as well as the type  and amount of filler injected, will play a role in how long it lasts.


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