Kleresca Pimple Treatment

Klerasca Pimple Treatment Adelaide

Unfortunately acne impacts on many people lives.  Some people have it only as teenagers and others have it well into their 30’s.  Pimple treatment is never 100% effective and we are often left wondering what to do about our acne.

Having acne can have a very big impact on a persons confidence and self esteem, no matter what age they are.  It can even cause social anxiety and depression.

The latest breakthrough in pimple treatment has now arrived in  Adelaide.  At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine we are proud to offer this special treatment known as “Kleresca”.

Kleresca is a new clinically proven treatment which has been endorsed by the TGA in Australia.

So just how effective is this new wonder pimple treatment?  In clinical trials Kleresca has been shown to an improvement in acne symptoms for nine out of ten patients.  For one in three patients there is the possibility of achieving almost clear skin.  Very impressive results and certainly worth a try if acne it affecting your life in a bad way.

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Dr Rahma Targett

Dr. Rahma Targett

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The Acne Problem?

skin pores
  • Our face is covered by millions of tiny pores.
  • Tiny glands at the bottom of the pores, from puberty pump oil up and onto the skin.
  • Pimples form when the pores clog and become home to bacteria.
  • Pressure build within the pores, the pore bursts and the acne infection spreads.
  • Thankfully the P.Acnes bacteria is killed by the  blue LED light from Kleresca.
  • Kleresca has a three pronged attack ; 1) It kills the bacteria 2) It reduced inflammation 3) It promotes cell regeneration and collagen production

What Does The Kleresca Procedure Involve?

Step 1) Involves mixing the photo converter gel, which is a light activated substance responsible for producing fluorescent light within the skin.

Step 2) Is patient preparation.  The skin is cleaned and a head band is worn to prevent bleaching of the hair.


Step 3) Is application of the photo converter gel.  The gel is applied to all surfaces of the face which are prone to acne.  It is best to cover the entire face.


Step 4) The patient lies under the LED light machine.


Step 5) Is activation with the blue light.  It is a unique light because it contains two different wavelengths , one being the 447nm and the other 415nm.  The LED light activated the gel which in-turn kills the bacteria responsible for acne.  Once the gel is applied you a placed under the LED light for nine minutes.

What Is The Treatment Like?

The treatment is often described as being very relaxing.  It is not at all painful, but you will feel the warmth from the light.  You may be red and flushed for  few hours after the treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

  • For pimple treatment you will require two sessions a week for six weeks.
  • For facial rejuvenation a treatment once a week for four weeks is recommended.
  • Improvement should continue to be be seen months after the treatment.  You can expect to see results for up to  six months.

How Does Kleresca Pimple Treatment Work?

Kleresca is a unique biophotonic technology.  It creates fluorescent energy that activated your skins collagen producing cells.  A specific blue wavelength of light produced by an overhead LED light is converted to dynamic fluorescent light energy.  It is this dynamic fluorescent light energy that acts to post collagen growth by up to 400%.

Photobiomodulation basically means that photons of light are able to interact with the cells of the skin and consequently  induce molecular pathways and change cell biology.  Individual wavelengths of light have been shown to trigger bio chemical reactions within the cells.  The affects have been shown to;

  • Have an anti inflammatory response.  This is particularly beneficial for pimple treatment.
  • Increase call growth and collagen production for wound healing
  • Scar prevention and recovery
  • Photo rejuvenation.

What Are The Benefits Of Kleresca?

benefits of kleresca
  • Minimize pore size
  • Eliminates/ reduces fine lines
  • Reduces scarring
  • Long lasting and noticeable improvements to your skin
  • Very little downtime involved in the treatment
  • A pleasant, non invasive and comfortable treatment
  • Kleresca has a positive effect on collagen production and renewal of skin cells

Kleresca For Skin Rejuvenation

Not only is Kleresca good for fighting acne, it is good for fighting wrinkles as well. It causes firming and tightening of the skin.  It makes scars narrower and shallower.  It makes pores look less obvious and the skin look more fine.

Before And After Treatment

before kleresca
after klereska

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