Scars are areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin after injury. Scarring is a natural part of the healing process but can be devastating to our self-esteem. These imperfections can impact our lives in ways we don’t realise. ACM has a selection of scar treatments designed to address your scarring problem. Although scars cannot be completely removed, these scar treatments can improve your appearance and quality of life.

Give yourself a confidence boost by finding out which treatment is right for you.

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What Kind Of Scarring Can Our scar Treatment Address?

If you have scarring caused by acne, chicken pox, infections, injuries, burns, stretch marks, surgery and more, you will benefit from one of ACM’s range of scar treatments. The type of treatment most suited for you depends on whether you have a raised or sunken scar. Whether you have an indented scar (atrophic scar), a slightly raised one (hypertrophic scar) or a keloid scar with too much scar tissue, Dr Targett can recommend the best treatment for you.

What Are Atrophic Scars? 

Atrophic scars look like small dents or pits in the skin. They are irregularly shaped and tend to be jagged around the edges. This type of scar can form after severe acne or chickenpox.

Atrophic scars are a result of damage to the underlying tissues beneath the skin. These tissues could be muscle or fat, and to raise your scar, these will need to be treated first.

What Are Atrophic Scars? 

Hypertrophic scars are thickened, wide scars, often slightly raised above the skin surface. As a wound heals, scar tissue forms, which can be red and somewhat prominent at first. Over several months, the scar usually becomes flat and pale. If there is a lot of tension on a healing wound, the scar can be thicker than usual and restrict movement.

Hypertrophic scars are the result of an imbalance of collagen in the area of the scar.

What Are Keloid Scars? 

Keloid scars are extra scar tissue growths due to spontaneous scar formation and can be soft and doughy or hard and rubbery. They can appear soon after an injury or develop months later. Keloids may be uncomfortable or itchy and may be much larger than the original wound.

Keloids may form on any part of the body, although the upper chest and shoulders are especially prone to them. It is still unclear why wound healing sometimes leads to keloid formation. While most people never form keloids, others develop them after minor injuries, burns, insect bites and acne spots. People with darker skin tones tend to form keloids more easily than people with lighter skin. A person is more likely to develop a keloid if they are under the age of 30, pregnant or have a history of keloids in their family.

Keloids are harmless to general health and do not change into skin cancers.

What Kind Of Treatments Do We Provide?

ACM provides the latest top-of-the-line scar treatment services for our clients. These include Laser Genesis, skin needling, Factor 4, dermal fillers, chemical peels, and medical treatments like steroid injections and scar gels.  For hypertrophic scars it is often a combination of treatments which works the best.

Laser Genesis Scar Treatment

Laser Genesis is very effective at removing the excessive redness of scars. By delivering microsecond pulses to your skin, Laser Genesis gently heats the dermis (deeper layer of the skin), promoting collagen production and raising sunken scars.

Laser Genesis treatments are comfortable, even soothing, and can be performed as a lunchtime procedure with no downtime necessary.

Skin Needling Scar Treatment

Skin needling is a highly recommended treatment that stimulates collagen growth to even out skin texture. By creating micropunctures in the skin, skin needling triggers the body’s healing processes, producing new collagen and rejuvenating the skin. The effects of skin needling are immediate, and the results become more evident weeks after the treatment.

Factor 4 ScarTreatment

Factor 4 boosts collagen production using an all-natural serum rich in growth factors derived from your own body. The treatment can be applied using a range of techniques to improve skin texture, resulting in a smoother skin surface.

Dermal Filler Scar Treatment

Dermal fillers can raise the surface of sunken scars and break down scar tissue bands holding down the skin and causing the sunken appearance of the scar. ACM uses high-quality dermal fillers made of the natural product (term forbidden by TGA), a naturally-occurring substance found in the body that binds to water and plumps up the area under the scar.

Chemical Peels Treatments

ACM offers chemical peels of varying degrees to promote new skin growth and improve skin texture. Best for mild to medium scarring, chemical peels can stimulate cellular turnover and reveal a fresh, new layer of skin underneath.

Medical Treatments

Medical treatments such as steroid injections and scar gels help reduce the extent of scarring in the early stages.

A corticosteroid solution can be injected directly into a hypertrophic or keloid scar to help reduce its size. By breaking the bonds between collagen fibres, steroids can reduce the amount of scar tissue beneath the skin.

Scar gels can be used to prevent excessive scarring, reduce redness and discolouration as well as soften and flatten raised scars.

Which Treatment Is Right For You?

Don’t let your scars hold you back – live the best version of yourself.

Give us a call today and find out which scar treatment is best for your needs.

Price of Scar Treatment  

Excel V Laser Scar Treatment (per 15 minutes)$350
Factor 4 Skin Needling (per 15 min treatment)$550
Cosmo Peel (Per Treatment)$500
Factor 4 (1 Treatment)$550
Dermal Filler Scar Treatmentfrom $650
Steroid Injection (per scar)$150

Before and After Having Scar Treatment

Disclaimer – Individual results vary.




After Procedure

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