Skin Tag Removal – Adelaide

Skin Tag Removal – Adelaide

Skin tags (medically known as acrochordon) are very common growths on the skin. In fact, studies show that nearly everyone develops a skin tag on their skin during their lifetime. Skin tags are brown or flesh-coloured, non-cancerous, benign growths that do not have any symptoms. Skin tags are not contagious. The majority of people with skin tags desire to have them removed due to their unattractive appearance or any discomfort that comes with having the skin tag rubbed repeatedly by clothing or jewellery. The most common areas for skin tags to appear are:

  • Eyelids
  • Neck area
  • Armpits
  • Under the breasts
  • Groin folds

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Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Tag Removal

Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Tag Removal

Who gets skin tags?

Skin tags typically appear on the middle-aged population as well as overweight adults. Anyone can get a skin tag, but some skin types are more susceptible to them. Skin tags typically appear in places where skin rubs against skin. This is why the underarm area is a very common area for skin tags to appear. The sides of the neck, upper eyelids and under the breasts and buttocks are other common areas for skin tags to form. Pregnancy is a time when women have a tendency to form skin tags, thanks to elevations in hormone levels.

How are skin tags removed?

The removal of a skin tag is considered a cosmetic procedure. Still, many patients opt to have them removed. Skin tags under the arm can interfere with shaving and many find them aesthetically unattractive. Removal is quick and painless. There are also several methods. Dr Targett will decide which is best, depending on the size and location of your skin tag. Methods include:

  • Snipping the tag off with surgical scissors or a scalpel.
  • Freezing it off with a quick swab or spray of liquid nitrogen.
  • Burning the tag off.

What is the cost of hyperhidrosis treatment?

Muscle relaxant treatments for excessive sweating/hyperhidrosis begin at $660. The cost of this treatment is dependent on the amount of muscle relaxant needed. Because the armpits are a relatively large treatment area, this treatment tends to require more product than other muscle relaxant treatments. Schedule a consultation visit to discuss your treatment specifics and receive a personalised quote based on the amount of muscle relaxant required.

What should I expect for hyperhidrosis treatment?

The treatment is performed in our doctor’s office and takes about 40 minutes. A thin needle is used to inject the muscle relaxant just underneath the skin. Multiple injections are placed throughout the armpits in order to target all the sweat glands.

There is no recovery time necessary, and patients can return home or work immediately after the injection process. There are no specific aftercare instructions and no downtime.

Within about a week, the muscle relaxant will have taken full effect, blocking signals to the sweat glands. You should see a noticeable reduction in sweat by this time. Patients should note that it is common to experience a substantial reduction, rather than complete elimination, of sweating.

The results of this treatment last for 6-8 months. Many patients return for repeat injections in order to maintain its effects.

What can I expect after the treatment?

There is virtually no downtime following the procedure, although it is not unusual to experience mild tenderness and in some cases light bruising in the injected areas following treatment. These effects generally subside shortly after. It is not uncommon for a top-up treatment to be performed two to four weeks following the initial treatment as this ensures the accuracy and longevity of the desired effects.

What are the risks and complications for hyperhidrosis treatment?

Common side effects of muscle relaxant treatments for excessive sweating include redness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising in the armpits. They dissipate in under a week. Avoid rubbing or touching the underarms for 12 hours following the injections, as this can make the muscle relaxant migrate to nearby areas and cause unintended muscle weakness. Serious complications are rare following muscle relaxant injections but may include infection or long-term numbness of the muscle in the treated area.

Price of Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal (less than 5)$350
Skin Tag Removal (5-10)$500
Skin Tag Removal (>11)$800

Before and After Skin Tag Removal




After Procedure

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