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Skin Tag Removal Adelaide

Skin tags (medically known as acrochordon) are very common growths on the skin. In fact, studies show that nearly everyone develops a skin tag on their skin during their lifetime. Skin tags are brown or flesh-coloured, non-cancerous, benign growths that do not have any symptoms. Skin tags are not contagious. The majority of people with skin tags desire to have them removed due to their unattractive appearance or any discomfort that comes with having the skin tag rubbed repeatedly by clothing or jewellery. The most common areas for skin tags to appear are:

Neck area
Under the breasts
Groin folds

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Dr Rahma Targett

Dr. Rahma Targett

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Who Gets Skin Tags?

Skin tags typically appear on the middle-aged population as well as overweight adults. Anyone can get a skin tag, but some skin types are more susceptible to them. Skin tags typically appear in places where skin rubs against skin. This is why the underarm area is a very common area for skin tags to appear. The sides of the neck, upper eyelids and under the breasts and buttocks are other common areas for skin tags to form. Pregnancy is a time when women have a tendency to form skin tags, thanks to elevations in hormone levels.

How Are Skin Tags Removed?

The removal of a skin tag is considered a cosmetic procedure. Still, many patients opt to have them removed. Skin tags under the arm can interfere with shaving and many find them aesthetically unattractive. Removal is quick and painless. There are also several methods. Dr Targett will decide which is best, depending on the size and location of your skin tag. Methods include:

• Snipping the tag off with surgical scissors or a scalpel.

• Freezing it off with a quick swab or spray of liquid nitrogen.

• Burning the tag off.

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