Terms & Conditions

Informed Consent Policy

Our Informed Consent Policy at ACM ensures that clients are fully informed about the cost, risks, benefits, and alternatives of treatments before proceeding. We prioritize transparency, providing information about procedures, potential outcomes, and any associated risks. Clients have the opportunity to ask questions, express concerns, and make informed decisions about their care. Our trained professionals guide clients through the consent process, ensuring understanding and agreement before proceeding with any treatment. This policy underscores our commitment to ethical practices, client safety, and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their aesthetic treatments.

Booking Fee Policy

At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine all new patients and online bookings require a $100 booking fee to be paid. This booking fee is redeemable for cosmetic services only (not cosmetic products). If you decide not to have any cosmetic treatment performed on the day of your consultation, then this money is placed as a credit on your account. This credit may be used at a later stage for cosmetic services but is NOT refundable.

48 Hour Notification of Cancellation Policy

By signing the ACM Terms and Conditions Policy Form you are agreeing that you will provide 48 hours’ notice if for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment. If you fail to attend your appointment ACM reserves the right to apply a $100 non-attendance fee to your account. Confirmation reminder text messages are sent three days prior to your appointment date, manual reminders will be sent the day before by our reception staff if you fail to respond to our automated SMS system. It is important that you reply back to our confirmation messages.
If you have paid a $100 Online Booking Fee and do not attend the appointment without giving appropriate notice the booking fee will be forfeited and charged as a non-attendance fee.

Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers Policy

At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, Botulinum toxin is charged on a per-unit basis. Dermal fillers are charged on a per ml basis.

Botulinum Toxin Top-Ups Policy

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine charges for top-ups on a per-unit basis.

Dermal Fillers Top-Ups Policy

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine charges for dermal filler top-ups on a per ml basis. You will be offered a follow up appointment four weeks after your procedure. Final results are best seen at this time because the filler has settled and fully hydrated and there is no longer any swelling. If the client requires a top-up at this time it will be at the expense of the client.

Effectiveness of Botulinum Toxin Policy

Different people will react to botulinum toxin in different ways. Some people will require higher doses than others to achieve the same result. Some people may not achieve any effect from botulinum toxin. This is known as botulinum toxin resistance. ACM is not able to control these situations. ACM do not offer free top-ups or offer refunds if your botulinum toxin has not worked. The patient is required to accept the risk that botulinum toxin may not work effectively on them. ACM will offer a free follow-up consult to discuss possible options and alternative brands. Please wait for two weeks after receiving botulinum toxin to allow time for it to work.

Half mls of Dermal Fillers – Policy

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine does not offer half mls of dermal fillers. Should you require less than one ml of dermal filler, you are required to pay for the price of one ml. The remainder of the dermal filler will be discarded or your doctor may suggest other areas for the product to be placed for enhancement. You are under no obligation to use the remainder of the product.

Payment at Time of Service – Policy

You are responsible for ensuring that payment is made for your account by either cash, Eftpos, credit card, Zippay (5.5% Surcharge) or Afterpay (6% Surcharge). If for any reason your chosen method of payment is declined, you may enter into a bank transfer payment agreement. You will be required to complete and sign a written agreement to pay by bank transfer.
Treatment and procedures must be paid in full on the day of your appointment.

Procedure Fees Policy

The cost of your cosmetic injectable treatments will depend on how much product is used. It is the client’s responsibility to be aware of the cost before their treatment. Prices are on the clinic’s website. Always confirm the cost of the treatment before you undergo your treatment. This will prevent unexpected surprises at checkout.

Realistic Expectations Policy

As part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible care and ensuring transparency in our services, we would like to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of having realistic expectations regarding cosmetic procedures at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine.

At Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, we strive to deliver outstanding results and enhance your natural beauty through various cosmetic treatments. However, it's essential to understand that every individual's response to these procedures can vary based on several factors, including but not limited to, age, skin type, medical history, and lifestyle.

While we aim to achieve optimal outcomes for our patients, it's important to note that cosmetic procedures, by their nature, have limitations. They can improve and enhance certain aspects of your appearance but may not completely alter or transform it beyond what is realistically achievable. 

1) I understand that I may not achieve the results I desire.


2) I understand that several treatments may be needed to achieve the desired results. Even then desired results may not be achieved. I agree that if further treatments are required, this will be at my expense and risk.


ACM Refund Policy

At ACM, we are dedicated to providing high-quality services and products to our clients. We understand that there may be circumstances where a refund is warranted, and we adhere to the guidelines set forth by Australian Consumer Law (ACL) regarding refunds and returns. 

ACM generally do NOT offer refunds on any cosmetic services performed by the doctor or aesthetician. This is because ACM cannot ; 

1) ACM cannot guarantee results 

2) ACM cannot meet unrealistic expectations

3) ACM cannot guarantee that adverse effects will NOT occur

Follow Up Appointment Policy

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine will inform you at your appointment when/if a follow-up appointment will be required. It is important to attend all follow-up appointments so that we are able to assess your results. It is your responsibility to inform the clinic immediately if complications occur. Ph 0403 690 031 or Dr Targett 0408 333 136

I agree to attend follow up appointments as required and inform the clinic immediatelt if any complications occur.


Photography Policy

Every patient will be required to have before and after treatment photos taken. This is an important record to determine how successful the treatment has been.

Suitability for Treatment Policy

Some patients may be deemed unsuitable for certain procedures at Advanced Cosmetic Medicine. Advanced Cosmetic Medicine reserves the right to decline or cancel further management of any patient.

Client Photography/Video Recording/Sound Recording Policy

Video recording, photography, and sound recording by a client are strictly forbidden when having a private consultation or procedure with the doctor. Those who breach this policy will be subject to legal action.

Post Procedure Appearance

Patients should be prepared to look worse immediately after undertaking a cosmetic treatment. This is the nature of many cosmetic treatments; you will look worse before you begin to look better. eg dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections, cosmetic laser, factor 4, chemical peels, Cosmelan, skin lesion removal etc. We advise that you never have a cosmetic procedure performed immediately before attending an important event.

I understand and accept that I may look worse after my treatment for a period of time.


Side Effects and Complications Policy

All cosmetic procedures carry associated side effects and complications which you will be made aware of during your consent process. The risks and side effects are real and DO occur from time to time.

While we will inform you of the most common side effects of your procedure/s, this list may not be exhaustive. Should you be concerned about any side effects, we suggest you ask Dr Targett questions during your consultation and conduct further research on your own.

By choosing to have a procedure performed at ACM, you must accept personally (100%) the risk of a side effect occurring. This includes accepting personal liability for the cost of treating these side effects/complications. ACM has no control over whether you will or will not develop a side effect.

Side effects and complications of a cosmetic procedure may have long-term health implications that may affect your ability to earn an income. Side effects/complications of cosmetic procedures may also affect the way you look and may impact your confidence and ability to be seen in public. Patients must accept these risks when they undertake to have a procedure performed.

I agree that complications and side effects could happen to me. By deciding to have this procedure performed at ACM I personnally accept these risks and will not hold ACM liable. 


Post Treatment Care Instructions Policy

You will be emailed post-treatment care instructions after your treatment. If you did not receive these instructions you should inform ACM immediately. It is most important that you follow these instructions for you to achieve optimal results. Should you experience symptoms after your treatment that you believe to be out of the ordinary, please contact ACM as soon as possible on 0403 690 031 or Dr Targett on 0408 333 136.

I agree to follow the post treatment care instruction provided to me.


ACM Complaints Policy

Before making a complaint, please consider if you have complied with all of ACM's Terms and Conditions Policies. 

At ACM, we are committed to providing exceptional service and care to all our clients. We understand that there may be occasions where you may not be completely satisfied with our services or have concerns that you wish to address. We take all feedback seriously and have established this Complaints Policy to ensure that your concerns are addressed promptly and appropriately. 

1. **Direct Communication:** We encourage you to raise any concerns or complaints directly with our staff members at the time of your appointment or as soon as possible afterward. Our team is trained to listen actively and address your concerns with empathy and professionalism.

2. **Written Complaints:** If you prefer to submit a written complaint, you can do so by emailing us at info@advancedcosmeticmedicine.com.au or by mailing your complaint to our business address. Please provide as much detail as possible, including your contact information, the nature of the complaint, and any relevant documents or evidence.

I agree that I will not raise complaints/ grievances with third parties, including online reviews, until I have provided ACM the opportunity to recognise and remedy the complaint/ grievance.


Abusive & Disruptive Cients

ACM reserves the right to ban any client that acts in a threatening, disruptive, abusive, rude, or inappropriate manner.

ACM Privacy Policy

At ACM, we take the privacy and security of our clients' personal data very seriously. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, protect, and disclose your information when you visit our website or engage with our services. By using our website or services, you consent to the practices described in this policy.

Information We Collect:

  1. Personal Information: When you visit our website or interact with us, we may collect personal information such as your name, contact details, demographic information, and payment information.
  2. Usage Data: We may also collect non-personal information about your interactions with our website, such as your IP address, browser type, device information, and pages visited.

How We Use Your Information:

  1. Service Delivery: We use your information to provide and improve our services, including scheduling appointments, processing payments, and communicating with you about your appointments or inquiries.
  2. Marketing and Communication: With your consent, we may send you promotional materials, newsletters, or updates about our services. You can opt out of receiving marketing communications at any time.
  3. Analytics and Improvements: We use data analytics to analyze website usage trends, track performance metrics, and improve the user experience on our website.

Data Security:

We implement appropriate security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. This includes encryption, secure storage, and access controls.

Third-Party Disclosure:

We do not sell, trade, or transfer your personal information to third parties without your consent, except as required by law or in connection with our service providers who assist us in operating our website or conducting our business.

Your Rights:

You have the right to access, update, or delete your personal information. If you have any questions or requests regarding your data, please contact us using the information provided below.

Terms & Conditions Agreement

By signing this agreement you (the client) agree to abide by the above terms, conditions, and policies of ACM. The doctor agrees to treat you based upon your agreement to these terms and conditions. This "Terms And Conditions Of Service Agreement" shall remain in force indefinitely after your procedure.

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